transferir-1The Center of Europe and all KERKG. Titles of nobility. Generally, one or more stars of David receive Jews. All officers of the army and other services, they receive titles of nobility with the right number of stars of David. KIR_2013_1SHI_8432.jpgAll clergy receive titles of nobility with one or more stars of David. Generally people after higher studies at universities, they receive titles of nobility. alma-ata-almatyIf I have forgotten about samobody I will be back to the people. My mother receives the title of Queen of Poland. 110815-norway-reputationIt is precisely this stamp, which bears Lech Walesa. From where he knew. God told him. Stamps with Jesus we do not wear, because Jesus lives.mv5bmji1nja3nty3nf5bml5banbnxkftztcwmzeymdyzmw-_v1_uy1200_cr11806301200_al_Who does not believe that means that he is against God and he is going to the Hell in Siberia. 55fa677de9193_pGreat Prince of Siberia Seweryn will take all. In hell, they will have to work. There will not be demonstrations against God and his kings. 1-8-2-ivankatrump-headerThe law of God. The law of the jungle cease to apply. My father gets the title of Lieutenant General. His second wife gets the title of General, a lower level. f1-stolica-20381His son gets the title of General and returns to work. He will together with Seweryn clean Europe and Russia, and then all the world. If he wants other job he will have. nintchdbpict000281344710My grandmother and my grandfather receive titles. The Duchess Grandmother and Prince Grandfather . My teacher from the primary school  Salomea Saulewicz receives the title of Duchess Basic Science. She is now probably in retirement home.h03708 I hope she is alive! No, I have found. She died 19.01.2013.  I’m so sorry! Title of nobility receives Halina Rubinsztejn. My teachers of Physical Education in the primary school 33 receive titles of nobility. Ulica_Racławicka_przy_Żwirki_i_Wigury_2015.JPGTitles of nobility receive my colleagues and teammates from the Athletics Tournament of newspaper World of Youngs. My teacher of Latin in high school No. 6, receives the title of nobility. b65135168d9b4cb6db81c7de93a4f90e.jpgMy first girlfriend Jadwiga in Warsaw receives the title of nobility. Her sister, brother and parents receive titles of nobility. My two girls from Ilawa receive the titles of nobility. 1f64c96edc619834d89fa28eed5bef4e.jpgMy two ex-wives receive titles of nobility. Their sisters and their children receive titles of nobility. Their parents receive titles of nobility. My islamic girlfriend Fatima from Alma Ata receives the title of nobility. Her sister receives the title of nobility. My girlfriend from Kyrgyzstan receives the title of colonel and return to work. She will help Seweryn. Ivanka-Trump-Hot-9.jpgThe people of Kyrgyzstan, who helped me receive titles of nobility but more on that later. People from Moldova receive titles of nobility but more on that later. Chelm, Lublin, Zamosc. NBC/Universal Golden Globe After Party - ArrivalsTitles of nobility receive people who helped me. Two neighbor women and their husbands and children. My girlfriend from Chelm receive title of nobility. The directors of enterprises and offices where I worked, and Directors of the Club of Technology and Rationalization and Club NOT in Chelm.  abb12c089c9e1ede63936d149bc1c1faGirl patent attorney from Lublin. Titles of nobility receive colleague with whom I played tennis and Slawek Skibinski colleague from work. People from Lublin and Wroclaw. I have to remind myself. Titles of nobility receive people from Vienna, nuns from Venice, Marseilles, Barcelona, Salamanca, Lisboa. Titles of nobility receive people from places of jobs where you worked.ivanka-trump-2 Titles of nobility receive people from my father’s family in Zary, Danuta, Edward and Czeslaw. Title noble receive family members in Iława. My uncle Bogdan receives title of Prince of Textiles in Zary. His children and wife receive titles of nobility. 369f7c8bb23d8d259f32a2c8ccda88fe.jpgZdzislaw receives the title of colonel and return to police work. A colleague of my sister Catherine receives title of nobility. My sister receives the title of Duchess of Architecture and returns to work. Her son Michal receives the title of nobility. Her husband Stanislaw receives the title of Prince of Road and back to work. Colleagues from Warsaw Wlodek and Tadek his brother get the titles of nobility. Andrzejek receives title of nobility. ivanka-trump-hot-22Neighbours Sobolewski gets the titles of nobility. Colonel Kalinowski daughter gets a title of nobility. A colleague worked on the crane tower receives the title of nobility. Ivanka-Trump--2015-White-House-Correspondents-Association-Dinner--04-662x996.jpgMy colleagues Michael Zasada and Robert Najfeld receive titles of nobility. Sister Roberta receives the title of nobility. Marek Krol receives the title of nobility. Eve Zintersztain receves title of nobility. Zyszek Galinski and his wife, Robert Wolosiuk, Bartlomiejczyk, Leszek,…Marek Karpinski, … reseve titles of nobility. 73100c245787bcac8be06ef0ffa54482The people of Kyrgyzstan, Norway, England, Ireland, Germany receive titles of nobility. Details later.