I went out from the street. The next step is to exit from alcohol I need to take further explaining what I want to do and what is expected to begin in the spring. The first task is to come to a position from which I could introduce this project. What are the characteristic features of this project? The creation of the army, which would take care of cleaning the jungle. This army will constitute the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Then I will need Russia. In Russia, Siberia, we will build towns and centres for those who would be sent for treatment. Of course, nothing can be done while maintaining the existing system called democracy and capitalism. Also can not not do anything keeping the existing religion and the church, which tells people that paradise is waiting for them after the death of the body. Church at the same time accept the existing system, because it is part of the system. Therefore, everything will be closed. 45be94a72cb9b66970c829aad0461aec.jpgWe will open new doors. The new religion. We do on the Earth Paradise. And it will be a fundamental difference between the old shitty religion of jungle and a new religion. The garden of God. We can not leave the freedom of the jungle, which lies in the fact that whoever is stronger, them kills this one who is weak. These are animals not people. We can also not allow freedom of action in business. It is a complete mess. Something is born, something else has to die. Hell on Earth, which protects especially America and specifically the United States. They are in the vanguard of the jungle and from them I do not get support. Russia is a country in which communism could not do what I will do. Communism could not get out of the jungle. That is why communism was also a Communist jungle. 11992ca83d67f6cb2cd5d16fa69300c5.jpgCommunism it was an attempt to improve the system that we have at the moment but the attempt failed because them lacked several important elements of the theory. I do not wish at this time to comment. Even if the Communists have these elements, nothing would have succeeded. Now we can all be managed from a single location. We are at a different stage of development. The Germans wanted to make the order on Earth but also the theory was wrong and were punished for it by Stalin, who prepared the foundation for me to KERKG project. We will manage, from one place. This place will be in the center of Europe. Europe needs, is obliged to repair everything. At the moment, everything is bad. Jungle can not stay, because it will lead to the destruction of the Earth. This, what is happening now is the macabre. gop-2016-convention.jpeg56-1280x960.jpgThe killing of unborn children and mutilation of women in India and so on. Here you can talk a lot, it requires a separate article. Will be connected Europe with Russia and other countries. This time it all will work. The European Union is also a failed attempt. EU can not do anything, while maintaining the system of the jungle. The EU should understand and support my project. EU is a structure transitional, temporary, in the history of Europe. The jungle will be replaced by the Garden of God. Nothing on Earth can be your own. Your body also is not your property. All you get to use for the period of your stay on Earth. Then you walk away and you leave everything. Ended your time. Followers will come after you and they will it use. You can not decide. You are not God. We will decide everything in the name of what you call God in the Control Center. images (1).jpgEveryone will get as much as will work out. It will be a fair assessment with using techniques that we already have. Similarly, we can have everything planned. The Communists did not know how. They did not have a project. All this does not mean that we will take all what you earned. It’s not communist revolution. We will buy it from you or we leave it for you. Depending on our needs. In contrast to the jungle, where everything takes place by chance, everything will be previously planned and we will have a huge and cheap production. Not like in the jungle when suddenly it turns out that you need to build the subway or something and it is very expensive. We will build new cities, using finished parts factories. Everyone will have flat or house and job. Everyone will get what he wants. Take care of all the people. It will be really paradise. The development will be very fast. Currently we stopped and we stand. Throughout the world, people are looking for their place. Jungle, in which you can not find the way.You must with difficulty look for everything. All is not enough and not sufficent for everyone. These strong mastered the jungle and govern. It’s called a fucking democracy. Waiting for the revolution? images (2).jpgAnimals called people astray in search of happiness, which they can not find themselves. And then remain alcohol and breaking out of the jungle, although for a short time during the weekend. Within a week, you need to perform slave, uninteresting work. In Warsaw there is an enormous amount of night shopping, with alcohol. Other shops are closed at night. People drink more than in the communism. What does it mean? Hell is worse than communism.We need to help everyone and everything. And this is something that distinguish the new system from the system of the jungle. We will actively intervene in everything. Not only will all planned, but it will be tracked and monitored all the time. The new religion will not tell people about paradise after death. This is not important what will be after death. Nobody is going to scare the people with hell after death, and thus try to calm them down. We will have other methods and solutions on Earth. Here we have a hell. No one will be killed. We came to Earth, not in order to suffer and be slaves of life. Everyone must be happy. imagesThat is why religion and a new church will be different from the one that is the product of the jungle, hell on Earth. Cities will be organized systems, not architectural jungle that we have today. From urban jungle we will go to new cities, which will also be created in Europe, next to the cities of the jungle. Jungle cities will be connected by fast rails and roads with new cities gardens. Jungle cities will gradually die and consequently deserted. Will be monuments of the old system. All of them will be too expensive and life in them uncomfortable in comparison to new cities gardens.There will be no suffering, that symbol religion of the jungle is crucified Jesus. Cross will be replaced by a crown. Jesus will be in the crown, because finally we will achieve it, what the world wanted. At this time, still no one believes that there may be some other system. Animals live in the jungle with its architecture, religion, slave system, the law of the jungle. To animals it seems that it must be so. Areas in Russia, waiting, but not for animals and not to spread the jungle of Europe or Asian to Russia. b66ba145bc798258af2de325057e1311f82090a9.jpgThese areas are currently protected. We will begin to change the system, that is, eliminate the jungle and then we will get land in Russia. This, what we call God has preserved the area from Napoleon, Hitler and even the Czar of Russia, who was associated with Europe. Lenin made a revolution and thus has separated Russia and other countries of Asia from hell, which is the jungle. Had there been no revolution now nothing we could do. Everything has been driven by God. I understand the feelings of hate for Russia. They prefer that the area was occupied, and the hell introduced to the area of Russia. At this time the threat is approaching, because in Russia is also a system of the jungle. Therefore, we must quickly change the system. 1439889312-1439889164-20455-325536132807-3540051-n.jpgIf we do not, this world will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah.Everything that happened in history was needed. In the revolution took part Dzerzhinsky. No need to be ashamed. He has protected these areas in Russia. Has protected it all for the Control Center in the new system, which will be in Poland. So we will manage, everything what will be done in the world. Also, will be steered Russia. For this is required connection Europe with Russia and the Russian Tsar position and the position of the king in Europe. The combination of all this will differe, the new system from the jungle. The European Union will not do but we will do it. Germany take an active part in the EU. Germany think they will do something. I am pissed off with everything. Why Germans are still fools. Not enough science that Hitler had given them. He was controlled by God. Waiting, when Germany will support me at the end. But they are scared people. They let emigrants, come to Germany. Do not like what happened, but they sit quietly. You can say that Germany no longer exist. Is this the way they want to hide their concentration camps. Not the way for you to clean yourself Germany from this terrible story. Remained name of Germany. You have to do something good for the world, and then you will be cleansed. We purify and we will make order i9n the World, according to my project and then people forget about the death camps. People will understand, that all we needed to get out of the jungle to Paradise.No one supports me because these animals do not think like people.vanessa-haydon-trump-14.jpg Animals do not understand that something us can control. We do not have any knowledge of where we come from and where we return, after the death of the body. How can such animals that consider themselves something else, higher than a cow or a dog, how they can exceed certain limits, which are for the time being closed for animals. In addition to this, they nowhere can fly out beyond the Earth, but also they will have not open the door to knowledge that would enable rapid set up new possibilities of traveling in space. But it’s not just about travel, here it is going, for example about life eternal. At the moment you are on Earth shortly. You have to go away, because you’re stupid beast, which still lives too long and is not able to turn hell into Paradise. t-mark-bowden-playboy-donald-trump-1996.jpgYou think only about what to steal God for your property. You do not think about it, that might be need to change something. You think only of yourself, like all animals. Not allowed, give opportunities for animals moving to other planets. What they would take with them? Jungle? This what controls the Earth and other planets can not allow it. Just as did not allow colonize Russia. All attempts were unsuccessful. Lenin was a man chosen by God to protect Russia from the jungle. Lenin performed his job. Stalin also performed his job and now is a task for me. This task is more complicated, and therefore had to send someone, whom they call god in India – Kalki. Therefore, my image is Kalki, instead of my photo. Anyway, I have now also long hair.Hair more and more longer and I’m getting closer, I hope, Kalki position on Earth. But the project exceeds the possibilities of understanding and faith animals. Donald-Trump-and-Ivanka-Trump.jpgOn the one hand, religion, which is the product of the jungle, blocking my way into the minds of animals and on the other hand, the Americans, which are well in the jungle. I all this shit will send to Siberia, because I finally will reach the position from which I will be able perform my task on Earth. I will throw religions, and all those who protest will be send far from the center. Just as Tsar did. That’s why I need position of Tsar in Russia. I will introduce such religion, which will open the door to space travel. People will become eventually people and they will begin understand, what now is beyond their comprehension. After cleaning, that will make new crusaders, gates will be open to new knowledge. It will be something amazing. At the moment the animals can not get it, because they are animals.alg-donald-ivanka-trump-jpg.jpg Jesus wanted to transmute them into sheeps, that is, animals humble, and he succeeded. In this way, Jesus found a religion for the animals, which calme the animals and further that religion is used. In this way Jesus has enabled others animals mastere the jungle, in other words have power over the sheep. Thus, the sheeps are slaves of other animals. The communists, who rejected the religion for slaves, were right. I also will throw it, and whoever will oppose this will go to Siberia. Times have changed and the religion of slaves for whom there is no paradise on earth, will be wiped from all the books, as soon as I will be able to do the project.Never again will be slavery. There will be no urban jungle where everything is expensive. Traffic jams are everywhere and it is tight. Exactly as in the jungle. People crowd in bus.images-3 Everything was built by chance, without a plan. Young people do not have homes, because what is being built is very expensive. Will will take control over everytthing. We will build very quickly new cities gardens, from ready-made elements. It’ll be assembled like building blocks LEGO and possible with the technology without adhesives concrete. At present is the opportunity to use these technologies, which will give the opportunity to build without adhesives. That all what is currently is a big shit. Slaves do not have housing, and die in the streets. Prepared for them hideous burrows, where they do not want to sleep. I know this because I was on the street. I had to be there to understand something. I was in Moldova but that shit as in Poland have never seen in my life. You have to keep slaves without means, without homes. If they get anything, they will want more. They will feel become the masters the world. And if they do not have anything, then ithey will hard work for those who have everything and are happy. These animals have on their side news media, armies, police, and they call it all a democracy. The best system! The whole this shit, I’ll send to Siberia, as soon as I get the power. I promise. Just like cowboys manage herd of cows, so this herds of animals will be sent to Siberia. I just need to reach with those my articles, the slaves. So far, Google is blocking me on the Internet. Are presented there some stupid informations about me. No one can get into those details. Similarly can not get into the LinkedIn. trumps-240But I will break through in the jungle. Have yet there about two months to find support. Similar herd and slaves were in the jungle communist. Communism collapsed and this jungle will not only fall down but it will be wiped from the Earth. You will not be allowed to talk about it and show its symbols like the swastika can not be shown. I do not want to take something what they have. Let them have what they have. If it will be necessary to me than I’ll buy from them. I want to give to those who do not have. You can not maintain such a system in which there are people without homes and without possibilities of happy life. These animals at the top do not believe that they will be punished for it, they do not want to support me, and what is more, block me on the Internet. Waiting, but I am God, and they themselves will see, the final judgment at the end of the world. It will be for them the end of the world, what they read in prophecies. It’s the end of the world for a bloody, merciless animals. The end of their democracy and the end of the jungle, where are doing so well, because they are hideous rabid dogs. Will be sent to Siberia, to be familiar with the new system, Will no longer be able to cope in the same way as in the jungle. Ivanka Trump_sexy2.jpgThey will have to be treated and acquainted with the new religion of the Garden of God. They are here in thThe Garden of God (11)is jungle, merged into herds, like animals in the African jungle to be stronger. Such herd already can master the jungle and kill all those who are against them. Such herd introduces its law of the jungle. It’s called the Constitution and various other documents. This herd says to slaves that they have some rights. Slaves have the right to choose among candidates issued by the herd. This herd selects candidates. Therefore, I will never be elected candidate, because I’m out of the herd. This is their for slaves democracy.