The first task is to come to a position from which I could introduce this project. What are the characteristic features of this project? The creation of the army, which would take care of cleaning the jungle. This army will constitute the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Then I will need Russia. In Russia, Siberia, we will build towns and centres for those who would be sent for treatment. Of course, nothing can be done while maintaining the existing system called democracy and capitalism. Also can not not do anything keeping the existing religion and the church, which tells people that paradise is waiting for them after the death of the body. USA_49ers-cheerleaders.jpgChurch at the same time accept the existing system, because it is part of the system. Therefore, everything will be closed. We will open new doors. The new religion. We do on the Earth Paradise. And it will be a fundamental difference between the old shitty religion of jungle and a new religion. The garden of God. We can not leave the freedom of the jungle, which lies in the fact that whoever is stronger, them kills this one who is weak. These are animals not people. We can also not allow freedom of action in business. It is a complete mess. Something is born, something else has to die. Hell on Earth, which protects especially America and specifically the United States. They are in the vanguard of the jungle and from them I do not get support. Russia is a country in which communism could not do what I will do. article-0-1B2D20B400000578-253_634x949.jpgCommunism could not get out of the jungle. That is why communism was also a Communist jungle. Communism it was an attempt to improve the system that we have at the moment but the attempt failed because them lacked several import_ant elements of the theory. I do not wish at this time to comment. Even if the Communists have these elements, nothing would have succeeded. Now we can all be managed from a single location. We are at a different stage of development. The Germans wanted to make the order on Earth but also the theory was wrong and were punished for it by Stalin, who prepared the foundation for me to KERKG project. We will manage, from one place. This place will be in the center of Europe. Europe needs, is obliged to repair everything. At the moment, everything is bad. Jungle can not stay, because it will lead to the destruction of the Earth. This, what is happening now is the macabre. The killing of unborn children and mutilation of women in India and so on. Here you can talk a lot, it requires a separate article. Will be connected Europe with Russia and other countries. This time it all will work. san-francisco-49ers-cheerleaders-super-bowl9.jpgThe European Union is also a failed attempt. EU can not do anything, while maintaining the system of the jungle. The EU should understand and support my project. EU is a structure transitional, temporary, in the history of Europe. The jungle will be replaced by the Garden of God. Nothing on Earth can be your own. Your body also is not your property. All you get to use for the period of your stay on Earth. Then you walk away and you leave everything. Ended your time. Followers will come after you and they will it use. You can not decide. You are not God. We will decide everything in the name of what you call God in the Control Center. Everyone will get as much as will work out. It will be a fair assessment with using techniques that we already have. Similarly, we can have everything planned. The Communists did not know how. They did not have a project. All this does not mean that we will take all what you earned. It’s not communist revolution. We will buy it from you or we leave it for you. Depending on our needs. In contrast to the jungle, where everything takes place by chance, everything will be previously planned and we will have a huge and cheap production. san-francisco-49ers-gold-rush-cheerleaders-ap565972629133_14Not like in the jungle when suddenly it turns out that you need to build the subway or something and it is very expensive. We will build new cities, using finished parts factories. Everyone will have flat or house and job. Everyone will get what he wants. Take care of all the people. It will be really paradise. The development will be very fast. Currently we stopped and we stand. Throughout the world, people are looking for their place. Jungle, in which you can not find the way.You must with difficulty look for everything. All is not enough and not sufficent for everyone. These strong mastered the jungle and govern. It’s called a fucking democracy. Waiting for the revolution? Animals called people astray in search of happiness, which they can not find themselves. And then remain alcohol and breaking out of the jungle, although for a short time during the weekend. Within a week, you need to perform slave, uninteresting work. In Warsaw there is an enormous amount of night shopping, with alcohol. Other shops are closed at night. People drink more than in the communism. What does it mean? Hell is worse than communism.