All of it made me terribly pissed off and I not know what to do, even though I am God. I am God, but I’m a man and an animal because such are the rules of life on this fucking Earth. You are here and you have with these pigs to find the solution. How I can find it without alcohol in the body? That’s why I’m against everything but I’m not against alcohol. You can not in this system normally exist without drinking. Therefore, here in Warsaw is a lot of alcohol shops open all night long. What happened here? They do not have any idea for future. It is great shit! I do not know what else I have to explain about my project. I’ll go on about it all and will write in different languages. Poland, for wchich I am offering Management Center of the World, is silent. The Polish pigs are at troughs, occupied by consumption. Why Jews do not help me. Because they already are not in Poland.
There are only the pigs that are worth nothing. I will have it all deport to Siberia. There will be no mercy then. There will be no time to prove that somebody has changed his name and he is in reality a Jew. I will send all these to Siberia and will be no mercy. There is still time to change the situation. I’m waiting! I will send half of Poles to Siberia and there we will build a new cities in a new system with a new architecture and all new. I have visions of it and drawings. They will feel comfortable in there because in Poland they feel bad. Continuously blame for what is wrong, the Jews. I will help them to get out of it into another world. To the Center of Europe will arrive approximately one hundred million new people from all over the world. We will try to do something good here as well. Something much better then it is now.