What we like most. We like everything that comes out of an existing system. What does it mean. This means that we want revolution. We want to change the system. Of course, are those who do not want to. These are bad animals. Pigs, which look only at the trough. Pigs, also once were in the wild and had some goals in life. Now their goal is eating and waiting for death, which comes unexpectedly. There is no relationship with God and no information. God does not speak with the pigs. But God speaks to such who are without a bed, without eating. You have to go somewhere outside the system. Then God begins to help you. So did the Jews, and so did the Buddha. Also Arabs have period of time – fasting. But not everyone knows why it is needed. For pig it is not needed. She does not want to know that there are extraterrestrial any other rights then in this system of life on Earth, God do not like Earth system of life. Especially Americans do not like this system. Cowboys were people looking way out of the system. Outlaws. Texas has forgotten? Going out off the system and then you are no longer a pig waiting for food from God. You want to do something more in this your life on the Earth. Freedom is to go beyond the system. We want to be free. We left the system, but outside the jungle is a desert. There is no other system. We are outside the system but we move inside it. We are pushed away by other animals that are in the system, working slavishly and have only a little time on Sunday. Then you can drink alkochol and forget that living inside the shit. You can watch the best American movies that move you in another world, on another planet outside this fucking Earth. Steven Spielberg, John Travolta (Urban Cowboy) and others. I will take them with me. You can listen to American songs and you can leave the ground. You can start to dream about something else. They have done it for you. That’s why I love the USA. But I do not love jungle. Nobody does love it. People are animals that have been closed by the system in a sty. People have been transformed into pigs and live in a pigsty. Pigs do not want thinking, can not think. If you eat a lot of you think about food. And what about death and another world after death. They do not teach you in schools. Teachers are also pigs. In the jungle are individuals who are fairly close to the people and it just these individuals make these videos, songs and other things. It is difficult in the jungle create something pure. There is no freedom. One must to wade to get into the sun. Arise various forms deformed. This can be seen not only in architecture but also in film, literature and in life. So jungle created homosexuality and other diseases that jungle does not consider the disease. If something was born of such a sick, let him live with this. You do not have to cure him, but help him in this form live on the Earth. That’s why the president accepts homosexual relationships. This is just one example. There are a lot of all these sick forms everywhere. You can say that almost everything is sick. We will treat it all in KERKG. Disabled persons will walk. We will heal people as did Jesus Christ. The principle of the Garden of God will be to heal. The principle of the jungle is to give wheelchair, allow homosexuals to marry and other things. You can see that this is all sick in the jungle. Sick is the law, architecture is sick, sick are teachers, and so on. In the jungle God gives some Americans creative power and they create movies and songs like this, for example, which at the moment I am listening to – Darling. I’m not talking now about what arises sick, because I do not want to spoil the mood. I’m on the street (I call it a desert) and it can help me understand. Why I love Americans? They are trying to get out of the jungle in a dream. In this way they help animals. These are beautiful dreams. KERKG will help change those dreams in reality. In KERKG will be new dreams that are currently beyond the capabilities of animals. In the jungle they do not dream such a dreams. It will be the dreams of people. These dreams will be after changed in reality as well. This is KERKG.