What is Paradise. The paradise that are the rules of conduct. How can animals be transformed into people. How can you determine the rules of life on Earth. How can you make a paradise on Earth. How can you transform what is here in this hell on Earth shaped forms of life? Religion says that paradise will be after death. And it’s true! For these animals paradise is as we say in heaven. But there you do not have the body and this paradise is not as beautiful as the one that we can do on Earth and those planets that we will populate. The paradise that are the rules. There are no murderers, no homosexuals, and so on. There must be something that will attract of what you’ll like. Animals called people and living on Earth have their favorite things. In paradise there is no ownership. You do not have anything. Even your body can not be your property. Your body is dying and you leave. You are here for a certain period of time. You can use everything here what is built and then leave. If you want something to steal, take yourself as the property you are expelled from paradise. Yet here you have it but you’ll be after death in prison of haven. You must not take what is not yours. Never mind the principles established by the animals. Animals himself established their laws and you can have something but it is against of the laws of God. Even this your religion says that the poor will be glorified and the rich it means those who have stolen from Garden of God, will be degraded. It is clear. If you steal something that is of God you will be punished, as Adam and Eve. You shall be expelled from Paradise.