How do we change the system? In a very simple way. There is no freedom and no democracy. That’s all we know. Animals are being deceived by the media. For this joins this idiotic stupid religion that makes mindless animals, quiet items waiting to die and paradise in heaven. This is a paradise on the Earth. That is why here we are born and live in this our short life. So what we have here. Big shit. You do not want to live. You need to drink and take different shit, drugs, and other, because you do not want to to think about all of this, and to look at it all, be sober. We need movies, dreams that will move you to another world. What is needed is the music that you will help you forget that you are in hell jungle. Music that will put you in a trance. Black music from the African jungle. It has just the curse of the jungle. I myself like this music. Because I am also in the jungle. That is why I have to like it. Is it good? I like the music but do not want the jungle in Europe. It’s a shame that we can not change that, because us do not allow the pigs that are currently at the trough. They protected by media,their slaves. Everyone is slave and is on their side. We will finish this fucking freedom. This fucking their American freedom is the freedom to give freedom for everything what you want to be born in this shit. Do you want to be gay and be married to another gay you can do it. You can do what you want. Do you want to kill someone? You can. You can kill and then you may not be caught, if you succeed. But it is also possible that you can do it and you will not be caught. You can rob a bank and can not be caught. You have the freedom of jungle animal. Why the devil is black? Jungle comes to Europe. You have to stop it and just now! Black president will not help us! We need to do it with help of Good. And we will do it. I speak bad about Americans because they will stopping my project. It is they who uphold the jungle, which will be destroyed anyway. It is only a matter of time. I have it all prepare to spring. I have to go out for the position of President of Poland, and from there go to the positions of the King of Center of Europe and Russia. There is not much time, but the Polish pigs are not to decide about that. About this must decide the world. Polish pigs do not have a voice. Are currently on the troughs and do not realize what’s going to happen soon. These are just pigs that do not think about the future. For them it is important now and here. The pig can eat a man – I did not know about it. The most important is to solve the problems of the world. Poland is unimportant. Half the population of Poland will be sent to Siberia where we will create a new system of God’s Garden – Paradise. Russia is waiting for these changes and are waiting the other countries. You do not have to ask Polish pigs that helped me go out on the position of president. Pigs do not understand. They are just animals fattened for meat. Hitler did in this place macabre. Death camps for Jews. It is a country without honor, without any ideology. It is a country of boors from the village, the country of pigs. This country never alone decides to stand at the forefront of the world. At the forefront of the world wanted to be Germany. But Poland? What is this? This is a collection of mindless pigs. World must help me and them. Must do help me Europe, Jews, Germans and may be Russia. Germany once with Hitler tried, but it is not like this. Russia is a failed attempt to change the system by the introduction of communism. Jews are persecuted and cursed for everything that is wrong. Jews should at the end help me here. Jews should go back up for the past and analyze everything. Poland this is only pigpen with pigs and at these people I do not count at all. But this country will be the Center of Europe, together with Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, and part of Russia. For this center will join Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Slavs will be in great vanguard of Europe and the World. With the help of the Germans then will join Europe and other parts of the world. It will not be new communism or nazism. This will be a new system that will use the full potential of the world for its development. Current jungle can not do anything. The world stands on the site. The European Union with jungle system will not do anything. That all we can see and we are not happy. The world can not be governed by the wild animals with Americans at the head of it. You do not kill, steal, restrict the birth rate, change the world into the gay world, and so on. I do not have to say more. You see it all themselves. It is very bad and will get worse if you do not start this project.