After all, communism was a form higher than the form of the jungle system. Communism signaled otherwise certain elements relating to a human. For example, such a feeling among people as love forms completely different when we are confident that we will have food, we will have an apartment, a lot of different needs associated with child rearing will be solved. But when you’re not sure like we have situation in the system of the jungle, love then descends into the background, it does not matter. 12345830_1018159884873254_1901167754_n.jpgWhen it does not matter then the love is just sex, technology, prostitution, sex for money. In the next phase it does not matter whether this is done having sex with a woman or a man, or animal. And so we get illness. While analyzing the situation in the jungle further, we get the aggression. We must sharply strive to earn food and also we need to defend it. We become wild animals. The best Asian martial arts, underhanded, unprincipled. This is what we like. This is what we teach joung people. Americans have their own football – American. There are no rules. There you have to fight in protective clothing. What you may feel if you are wild aggressive animal. Americans lead in these different films and thus confirm those my conclusions from today’s analysis of behavior. 84e68ad9d2f31a34031df853775a9151.jpgAnd then we can analyze it in order to show that all these diseases creates an environment – the system of jungle. Which makes sense, that’s my explanation. In the jungle we lose the different elements that has the man. And on the contrary are revealed and practiced bad elements. I do not want openly, and for everyone here now to explain why this is the United States at the forefront of it all. Nothing help their different religions that bring to Europe. I already told you about slavery, people from Africa imported without their consent, and the about environment, which is their natural environment in Africa. I, in Europe, do not want the jungle and do not want it no one in Europe. Jungle Girl SquatJPG.jpgThis is not Europe was importing slaves, and not Europe will form natural to them friendly environment. To eat bananas you do not need to create a friendly climate in Europe. On the climate we have no influence and better to grow bananas in Africa. If someone really likes bananas and wants to live in Africa, He is free. We will not transform the whole of Europe in the jungle. On the contrary, Europe has its own climate and its plants, which are, all are doing well in this environment. After changes, that will be without a doubt, will be restored human emotions such as love between two people. Americans are looking for the lost feeling in the jungle in many films. jungle_girls_by_nicotinedesire.jpgIt is a pity they do not show where the problem is. The problem is in the system that we will begin to change from Europe. And then of course we will help the U.S., the former English colony. Not aggression but a fair fight. Fight with the rules. You can see, however, that the Americans are of a different opinion. But how to deal with the problem of terrorism. In KERKG this problem will not be. I see that recently was performed research on the origin of my name Wieslaw. The results are surprising to me. I have a feeling that I will be as high as one in history was not yet. But when?