descarga-4There are many things that should be changed but the jungle is a jungle, and it is not easy. The jungle is afraid of changes. Just as the Catholic Church is afraid of changes. Although nothing in this does make sense but they do not want to change. Animals have become accustomed to jungle. Do not want to think of anything new. Everything that could result in the new amended. The Russians also are afraid of new things and therefore taking something that has worked in others and modify. Show that they are better. Completely got lost by the unfortunate communism, where was not allowed to go out of line. Americans are terribly afraid of changes. Therefore were very happy when they saw Lech Walesa in the Senate. Lech in Poland, not everyone understood when he said something, and the U.S. senators immediately understood what was going on, although there Lech spoke Polish. We need to change a much. Can we change for example a week? Let’s just say that will be 10 working days, and five days off in the middle of the month. If in a month will be 31 days, then will be available six days at the end of the month. If the month is 28 days, then four days free after 10 days of work. walesaIn the Middle Ages it was unnecessary, because for five days, was not being able to ride far away and sit idle at home was boring. We are currently working as in the Middle Ages, as slaves to their rulers, who gave us work in the jungle. Is not that right? In KERKG we will not have worked slavishly, as in the Middle Ages, where the animals were slaves to their masters, who did not work at all and they had seven days off. We do not want this medieval religion and do not want other medieval principles intended for animals called humans. We want changes. Let’s start at the end to be actually people. Months could also be changed to have a 45 days, and the last month would have 50 or 51 days. In this way, every season of the year will have two months. I thought about it this morning but I do not know if there are any circumstances. For them, the moon was very important. For me it is important the Earth and its turnover. It Copernicus discovered. But religion was unchanged. We now go further and will change religion. How would it be with the phases of the moon? Each month would have a month and a half, and I think it would be OK. How do you think. Before the new year would be 10 or 11 days off. This calendar is probably better? We are not in the Middle Ages and for us, the Moon is not God. God, it might be me, if I will manage to actually do this project. At the moment I only have signals, but it does not want to keep pushing forward. I’ll get new documents and departure for Western Europe.