This is not enough, what I wrote, and therefore we will have to continue explaining to you.
Once again, homosexuality, trying to exit the architecture and so on. This is normal! We are looking for the exit! I turn to the people educated and so I’ll explain it all differently.
We are still animals and we want them to be! We are still animals and we want them to be! We are looking for something new, because what is now we are already bored with it. And this is normal! Man strives to develop, something new! In this system, which we have it is impossible. You see what’s happening. Homosexuality, architecture wild broken, shapes, sick, etc. I only give you two examples but there are examples of hundreds and perhaps thousands of! I want to enter a new system that will allow for the development of the world! I want drive you out, out of all this in the new area of thinking, being, life like Moses or King David I do not know!