Central control, planning, design, management, control. Database with the characteristics of all components and computer programs to solve tasks. Changing the view of man of the world and the universe, and what we call God. The purpose of these changes is the transformation of an existing, outdated system called capitalism in the new system, which awaits impatiently world and people. This system will solve all existing problems. Central Control will appoint the right place for all moving parts of the Earth. It particularly relates to the people. In the current outdated system these components are wandering, unable to find the proper relationship to themselves. All that happens is accidental. Casual, not controlled trials connections, troubleshooting, etc. 99d3813dc168550660f64170bd73fb57.jpgEverything takes place in so-called natural way in this system of the jungle. The system not only can not solve the problems but that its essential characteristic randomness called freedom, freedom of movement, without control is dangerous to the planet. Freedom of the unemployed, the homeless, the hungry, wandering, without possibilities of finding the exit, not from the closed cage but in open large space where exit is to find the cage. Finding your place in the desert. Confirmation of these problems is, for example, the emigration of people from different continents. Are created agencies that help to be located seekers of jobs. connecting people, etc. These agencies know that somewhere something accidentally grew and help to show it for the seekers. There is not a reverse situation. The creation of new production lines based on those who want to work. I do not have time at the moment on to give examples for those who still believe in the natural system, the capitalist form of jungle.1df8c1b7c52f14684a88f27108d877f8.jpg The new system is to create places, an oasis in the desert. Currently, those who are looking for work take everything they see in the desert. It is mostly a mirage. Are working slavishly, not having the pleasure of working and living. But you need to survive in the desert. This you have coded in your program. This system does not allow to think calmly. This system is made people diseased animals. Everything is sick and most sick is the religion. Leaving nature for itself and for this what you call God already is not a solution. God has already signaled it many times but clearly showed that miserable Norwegian. Problems will not be solved while keeping the old system with all that this system has created. The solution to the problems will be KERKG. Control Center will be in Warsaw at the European Centre. Under the old system, people learned to build small gardens and KERKG it will be a tremendous garden of your God on the Earth. The new worldview new religion, new management and other new things.42075ab2dda476d055ae3dffff4db34d.jpg All this combined with a one head of all states with the brain working with God instructions. In the desert, you take what you met and work. So you become a slave. More and more people emigrate from Africa. Especially like France. I also like the French language and in Moldova I met people from Africa who speak the language. Immigrants looking for help in Europe and Europe will help them. Poland is a country chosen by what is called God, the Center of Europe. America is a colony of Europe, which we also take care of. Not so, you need to help Africa, as it does Western Europe and America. They formed and develop the jungle. Jungle is the environment known black people from Africa. For any price they want to keep this environment, this distinctive development system wild and unpredictable. At the forefront of that are Americans – the United States. In order to maintain and defend the system chosen a black president. The choice was right. Barack does what he can to protect the jungle environment most welcoming people from Africa. I was in Kenya during his election for President. You see that what is happening. What is God doing to us.Cowgirls-12.jpg I have to perform a task for him. Helps me associate. Therefore sends me in different places. For some give cruel tasks (Hitler and others, and recently a Norwegian, had to go out and kill some people). Everything has a meaning. Barack was elected president, so that I could deal with the jungle theme and everything associated with it. This has all been prepared for me. Putin is chosen to work with me. He is not tall. If he were a little taler it would look bad. I always wanted to be taller and in Moldova I had high boots. I want to be higher and I will be over the Europe and Russia. I’ll be the King of Europe and the Tsar of Russia. Otherwise, nothing will do. Everything has its importance in history. Also that Americans imported slaves from Africa. It’s all so, so that I eventually could change the ailing, barely keeping up on weak legs, inhuman, an African jungle animal system called capitalism. It’s a shame for Europe and the white man, that such a thing still exists. I am together with other free people on the street. women-animals-horses-girls-with-horses-wallpaper-1.jpgThis is the freedom, which told about Barack Obama during his visit in Poland. I do not know where I will be sleeping. Homeless and unemployed in Warsaw have to pay for accommodation. Money is the basis of the system of the African jungle. I am working, as you can see, but the money from that I do not have. The day before yesterday nun from Mother Teresa of Calcutta gave me a shirt from Yves Saint Laurent. It turned out that she is from France. Frenchmen need to prepare themselves for the next revolution. And this time they will have the ten-day week. I also came up with it, and then I was looking for something on the internet about this and found out that France had a similar idea once. Napoleon also was not a tall man. Also tried something unite. He failed. This was needed in the history. I have written here about a few people. Who is here central point for this project?