How we will plan what is needed in the Garden of God. It is just the most difficult question for me at the moment. Will occur the human transformation, and what will be their new needs? This is a question for which I just at the moment can not find an answer. At the moment I only know that we will build a hausing. Projects of the blocks of flats I already have. We have to keep pushing up, because people are more and more. There will be no a small residential cottages on the Earth. There is no space. Residential blocks will be with gardens on each floor. Presentation it in one of the next text. Villages and small residential houses will be destroyed. Small farms will be taken over by the Control Center and will be combined in a large industrial facilities. It’s hard for me to talk about it all, because I can not go out of this jungle and to think normally. This is the tragedy of all animals called human beings. First of all, we will organize the production of housing, food and other necessities for human life and then we will see what is needed. So it will be shaped, new life, new needs.