000000017_20140606114742_It’s all easy to understand and to implement. I will do it, but you must first understand it. You have to understand the need to make not only changes, but the transformation of the system. We’re still in the jungle and educated in the ways we think according to this system. What are the main elements of the new system that I propose. 1. Religion. This is new law in the new system. Principles of movement and even thinking (body and spirit). We assume that the spirit is what is our own. Other things are or will be given to us to use. 2 Purification of the jungle. Here comes mainly about animals called human beings, which cannot be simply left in the garden. It is not possible just simply convert and restore them to humanity. 1193869466_3They will have to be treated. Treatment centers cannot be in the jungle. They cannot remain in the area potential criminals or prisons. Purification of the jungle will make the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. The Order will be created at the site given by the Duke Mazowiecki for the Teutonic Order. 3. Care for all people, interest in the people and all that is on the earth. It is about control of the development and of all of the potential events in the future. It is about many things, and I will explain it in another article. 4 Offer for man. Man received from God the body and should be able to obtain all that is on the Earth. A man uses for a certain period of time the body and has the right to use this way other things on the Earth. System library. The body chooses for you the God, and the rest you can choose to use yourself, to borrow from the library on Earth. The more things in the library the greater the possibility of obtaining what you want. g-39Renting instead of buying the property. If you take something from the library and will not give it back than someone else will not be able to borrow it. You are in the library belonging to God. God has the library opened to all. Not everybody will be able to borrow from the very beginning of things that will be not enough. Will have to be determine the level of the production capacity of each person and determine the conditions. This will change with increasing of resources of library. Everyone will receive the basic things right from the start (food, housing, education, health, etc.). 5. Work. For example, it may be production or properly speaking processing. You cannot create something out of nothing. You have to take those things which God has given for people, that are on the earth, and process them, for example, so that you can drive or fly instead of walk, etc.original.jpg There are things that have been discovered, but it is certainly a lot of things that for animals called the people are still covered. The rule is that the man must himself produce food and other things. The contribution of every person in this process can be accurately calculated. It can be calculated his salary for the work for God, and his library. No one will work for himself or for another person. No one will be the owner or a slave. But also not everybody will have equally. The one who will have the potential to produce something, will not have to work for long time saving money to buy something. Things that he will want to use will be loaned to him. Everyone will be working for the company of God, which will be managed from the Control Center. In this company will be working groups (subcontractors), and individual people. This will all be operated on the principle of the system KERWAY. NVE00206_L.jpgFor those who will be working in the company of God will be, for example, some of the goods for free or cheap (housing, medical care, schools and many others). Details in another article. 6. Place. We begin in the Center of Europe in Poland. In this area, the animals have made mass murder of Jews and other innocent people. Therefore, it will be a new Holy Land. In connection with the religion the Warsaw will be also the new center (new Vatican). 7. Control Center will be in Warsaw. High tower will cover the Palace of Culture and Science. The tower will be based on a foundation in the shape of the Star of David. 8. In the project should take part designated by the history Germany, Russia, Jews and other countries from different continents. 9. The Big Project. The aim is to establish the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. The creation of the Kingdom of God. The creation of Paradise. 10. In Russia and in smaller quantity in Europe and other countries will be build new cities in the new architecture of gardens. They will replace the current cities jungles. These cities will give people new conditions of life in safety and happiness. Without wars, fears and lamentations. The new religion will attract all to the church. Church for the first time will be a very important place and will be able to help people indeed. People will be for the first time actually work for God.
Like Moses I have received these some information, which will be explained in detail in subsequent texts.