In particular regions will be kings, presidents, prime ministers, etc. But the real management of all it will have Control Center. Thus will go dispositions relating to the detailed solutions submitted to complete the tasks. Control over the execution of the tasks will be completed by the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. article-2337418-1A31F0F6000005DC-613_470x530.jpgThe Teutonic Knights will be needed in this transitional period, when the animals will pass transformation in relation with the new system, completely different, or in other words, difficult to adopt in relation with the current mental foundation of animals living in the jungle. If there will be problems, some animals will need to be treated. Currently we treat alcoholics but we can not manage to cure them. Why? Because they are going back to the environment in which they become ill. Vicious circle of the jungle protected mostly by the Americans and their presidents. natures_warrior_by_red_draken-d4ur8w1.jpgObama must agree on homosexuality and other things. And now is the subject of these my articles. I do not know how you have explain the information for an animal. But those who have a dog (I had not) know better than I do. Rather than write a book about my adventures in different countries, I write something that do not give me money. I’m on the street and it must be so. I am beyond the pale of the system of the jungle. And because of this I can take a look at the system from the side, from the outside. This is the sense of where I am. So did the Buddha and so do those who want to look for something from the side, from the top, eye of God. And I also am God. Am I right? I am, after all Kalkii. I work a lot but I do not work for the development of the jungle. 53c9c43e160a9b286c09252957480cc8On the contrary I work against this sysrtem. I just can not therefore expect that jungle give me money for it (food supplies). Am I right? I turn now to the Americans, defenders of the system of jungle. If Americans would give me a contract than I would not have time for this scribbling. I wanted to get a contract from the Americans and go but when they learned about it the secret service, immediately took away my passport And so it ended, I was staying more than two years in Moldova. In there I drank more wine than I wrote good articles . But now the situation has changed completely. I see it all now goes forward and everything is going according to the plan of God, my plan and other plans. We will begin this system change together with animals that want to be men. Those who are sick and want to keep the old system we will send to the treatment to Siberia or to the United States, as Americans will be defending the system as long as they can. The system will collapse just as Communism collapsed, In Poland there was nothing to eat then. It’s not Walesa, it was hunger. So fall down fortresses, castles and entire cities or entire systems. So, Lenin won and in the same way I will win. However, I must first start. Center of Europe will grant a loan to the United States. This is the prophecy and so it will be.