The system that is currently it is the American jungle. I am angry and I call it the American jungle, because it is still protected by Americans, they do not allow me to change the system. Of course I will have it all to change without their permission. I am God, and I have the support of what controls the Earth. I have to wait yet but I think it will be very soon, because otherwise I’ll be too old and nothing can do. No I’m not the one who will ask them for money to make advertisement for this project but also when I will start everything will not be any mercy for selected animals, which will be under the protection. And so apparently it must have be done. Just as we join Europe with Russia, we will do the same thing with the whole South and Central America. Everything will be connected. Otherwise I do not will be able to do what I have to do. I am God, and I will do it all. It will be very fast. I still transmit for you new informations, which are the result of my analysis. That is why everything will have to wait in time. I do I need to have a full project with all the details. Otherwise, will be do nothing. This is all very difficult because it exceeds the animal system of thinking, in which we are all now. The European Union tried to connect something in its style but we can see it all did not work out. It will not work in the system. You have to change the whole system that I call the jungle, but it is associated with many other things. We will have to change so much that the animals who are called human beings can not and do not want to understand project. I am angry especially for Americans who still are in the vanguard of the world. But no longer will. Finsh. They know it. At the end they chose a black president, because the have knowledge of what will be prepared soon in the world. They will have no influence on it. Of course, some crazy man may wish to nuclear war, but everything is controlled by what you call God. This jungle is the fragmentation into small states. Only US is together. But we will combine states in these areas where is possible. Of course Africa can be problem. Arabs connection with black Africa will be not possible. This part is closer to Europe. Here, I have not at this time solutions. But the combination of Central and South America is very possible. Then we can combine the US with Canada. Canada will be required as is needed Russia for Europe. In Europe and Russia we will do some regions but more about it in the future. Garden of God is the complete opposite of the jungle and its principles of life on Earth. These rules are not in accordance with the laws of the universe and what you call God.