The Russians already know I do hate to diseases like homosexuality. And now my favorite song ‘I come out on street “is singing woman. Communism was a transitional stage but the level was greater than what we have now- jungle animal system. Communism was an attempt to exit out of the jungle but boors from rural and uneducated workers could not do anything else. We no need to criticize the past. We are going to the nexst stage. What was needed was a cleaning which is what I’m talking about the transformation into people in a completely different genre. It knew Hitler but was not able to understand what it was the signal from God. This also does not need to leave a comment. It had to be. Hitler Girls - Berchtesgaden School.jpgKaczynski also heard something but did not know where the bells were ringing! Everything is now returning back to Germany and Russia, and we’ll do it under my leadership. I have to be the King of Europe and the Great Tsar of Russia. Otherwise we will do nothing! I need to make order in Russia and Europe and that is why I have to be the Great Tsar of Great Russia! I need Syberia!!! And then we will do KERKG!!!!!! We will do what nobody could do earlier because they were stupid animals. Communism and then attempt to clean but not as Hitler did. images (9).jpgThis is history and we can not comment it according to my assessment of past. But now we start with cleaning and then the transformation will occur in KERKG. So I started from the Knights of the Cross and the Sword! As you can see I am not mistaken! God does not make mistakes! Animals do not want the transformation!. Especially the Americans fear of this . But America is a colony of Europe and nothing more! We all know that I’ll do it! Stop me nothing can! If something happens to me, this your Earth will disintegrate into small particles and die in space.! OK? Secret Services know it! There is no other option!!!!