Millions of people are unemployed! Billions of people are performing slave labor just to have money and use this to drink in weekends to forget this fucking life given by your God. This is the whole shit that this system could create for animals. More you can not expect becouse it is not possible in this system that is. The system is kept by standing at the trough, thoughtless pigs Aided by its Catholic and other religions, believe that are loved by God, but are very wrong, and soon will be judged as they deserve it! I will be their God soon! I will have no mercy as well! The time has come to end this shit. I still write about it and turn it to the presidents. Also, repeatedly I have addressed it to the president of the USA. I know that at this time the U.S. has a lot to say in the world and this is their responsibility. That’s what I want to do, it will be done, and here there is no other option. The Americans, who have their own ways of information, know this very well. It’s coming and it will be done. Every day of delay is a great loss to the World! We want to make it better for everyone and for the Earth. If now the animals that can not understand it, I also will not have compassion for them, when I will start a project. We will search them all, punish and send, to Siberia and other centers that we will build on other continents. As criminals from the Second World War! There will be no compassion. Just as now they do not have compassion for the billions of people in the world. Are responsible for these billions and will be punished as now they punish those who are innocent in this system. That’s what the environment that produces the jungle system is to blame, because transforms them into killers, thieves, homosexuals and so on. Those who are at the moment at the top will be judged for the crimes towards humanity. It is the promise. You will get the appropriate punishment for the rest of your life on Earth. Currently you are like pigs in a sty, which does not think about death. You only think about food. Animals, and it is a shame that something like it we have on Earth. But it will all changed!. This is what I advise for you is to stop it and think about what I say. All American and other pigs, regardless what color they are will be punished and it will be coming soon! There is no other solution. Only is the KERKG for you and for others!