Europe and its connection with the Russia and continue as they call saving of the world or Earth or as you want call it, this is one thing. But now I am going to move on to the next very high level what we call the resurrection. You will not not believe and you will say that I have already crossed all limits. You may say that you can not read what I write. I’m shocked as well at what I want to explain. And it needs to be. I started only from the connections of Europe with Russia.

This is for you a lot. You are animals like dogs or similiar. Russia is just area stopped with the help of God for today and for my project, Gods project. Now I can understand that I am more than animal. I do not know how it will be but I want it. That’s what we’ll do, it’s all associated together. We cross the border, not allowed for animals. I watched the movie Polish “The wife for an Australian”. I felt sorry about everything passed. I’d like it all in some way restore. Restore the past. And it is possible. We’re going to have it. How? I do not know. I’m just an animal. I am closer to it!