I know not all has been carefully explained. I’m gonna have it explainetion to continue. But at the moment it can not be explain everything, because animals do not will understand, will not believe. I do not know what language and the way of explanation I should find out. The bottom line is that everything will go very well. Such are the predictions, but if someone does not believe in predictions and blocks my project, I do not will argue. I will send him to Siberia, and there he will understand everything. He will understand first of all religion of th World that will be different then this what we now have. I will not kill animals, as Dzerzhinsky, I will give them a chance to understand the deviation. Dzerzhinsky was a great Pole who took part in the revolution. Jungle destroyed his statue and changed square in Warsaw. It’s a shame. Stands a statue of Slovacki. Slovacki was not the same man as Mickiewicz. Slovacki was a young man who wanted to fight but he had no plan for the future. Mickiewicz received from God the vision of the future. In comparison with it Slovacki means nothing. We can not throw them all into the same bag. Adam Mickiewicz vision was what would happen now. The others do not mean anything to me! I’m not going to analyze their works, because I’m still confident that I will find nothing. In contemporary Poland also we have different writers but they do not mean anything. For me they worth nothing compared to my project that is to change the world. Nobel Prize not all but a lot it is great shit that support jungle. Jungle protect its own existence, giving the Nobel Prize, various fools, such as, for example, Walesa. He was a man used by the Communists to extract money from all those fools who, at all costs, protect the jungle.But that was needed to do in the history. This what controls the world allowed it because it was a transitory stage to that for what we will do now. Those people who really want to do something in life, must be separated from the whole jungle and of its money. I liked the old movie of Steven Spielberg about something like this. Steven understand a lot of what is going. Such a Jewish people I am waiting for. I will need their support soon. They do not want to show this film more because he showed how the system works. How swamp of pulls. How swamp pulls you. I associate it with hell you love. Therefore, you are wrong if you do not feel anything, you do not want to help change it hell. You love it. You look like a pig, like an old pig, which has a food and is happy. So now looks Walesa. But this is man without education and without ambition. This man has supported jungle and has money for it. It was for him most importanf becouse he had family and children were hungry. In contrary I am God. But Walesa can not understand what is God and what is Jesus Christ. You need at least some education to think about something. Look at him. He has already performed his job. More he will not do anything. More pigs do not want, just trough. It is not a single pig. Look just around you and you will find more. Look on the posters of those who were elected as presidents of Cities in Poland.