Parliaments and all this democracy, it will not be needed. Will be needed in certain areas the units, offices which will be close to the people, the churches, the police. Will provide the information about the people and the environment. The information will be transmitted to the Control Center. There will be offices which will address the design solutions. Here will be brain. High tower set in conjunction with the existing Palace of fallen communism. imagesIn the lower part foundation and walls on the Star of David within a circle with a radius a little bigger than the lower parts of the Palace (Palace of Culture). Control Center will run from the beginning. It will be first in the rooms of the Palace of Culture. In the upper part tower will have a radius of a circle inscribed in a hexagon, which form the sides of Stars in its interior. The tower will be expanded up and each stage will be finished with ceiling of high resistance against heavy wearing. At this ceiling will be set up cranes and other machines related to the provision of materials and production elements. Any such ceiling will be, for example, every ten normal stories. For the purposes of the construction of the tower will be built factory of ready elements in the area of the Palace of Culture. The existing structure will be combined with the new. The more new regions will be connected to the KERKG either as colonies or otherwise, the higher will be the tower, climbing to God. z16812720IH,Palac-Kultury-i-Nauki.jpgCommunists did not know why these palaces were climbing to the heaven. Do not know also that the present animals. But we know. The result will be travels beyond Earth. Star of David will be based on the ground on separate foundations that will determine design solutions. Anyway, rooms Palace will not be destroyed. I believe that everything will be perform without problems. God is with us. In the new system will not be parliaments, political parties and the whole democracy, which is the product of a wild jungle, unfriendly to man. It’s all falsehood, deception. z18104656qwarszawiacy-obserwuja-otwarcie-palacu-kultury-i-naThe Communists clearly said that it was dictatorship of the proletariat. The dictatorship is not democracy. From among the proletariat emerged real dictators, applauded at party meetings. They ruled. They ruled badly because they were from villages without schools.