You believe them and you do not want believe me however I am greater then they were. What I will do it is Kingdom of Allah! They had only information and they have done nothing. Only some religion, as you can see you are still in the Jungle, not in Paradise. You and other people are still animals and we have Hell here around us on the Earth. I have been sent here to change it, to transform animals into people as they were created by Allah. I ma a kind of God, the son of Allah or something similiar. What logical evidence do you have from them? You insult me ​​by asking me questions and request answers. You will have answers when we will start KERKG. I will do what I want and you will be the witness of this great project. I am under the protection of your and other prophets and above all, I am under the protection of this what have created this World and let you live here. That’s not why you’re here, to check me and asking me stupid questions. Ask these questions to Allah, and you might get an answer, maybe not, because the time has not come yet. Maybe only you will get a signal, like Jesus. But you are neither Jesus nor Muhammad. You are not any of the chosen prophets. You will not get this answer. You can try to get close up to what you want to know but you have to leave everything and go to the desert. There you will live alone until you get answers. About this, Allah will decide, not your book. Do not teach me, because it can be dangerous for you. Allah may be angry and punish you and eventually remove you from the Earth, take you to himself. You will discover everything on Earth, the moment is coming up to you and to others. The answers that you whant can not be given for you now, because you live in the jungle Do you want to die? If you want to live, you stop asking such a way. Even Jesus told that animals should believe, without checking. The gate is closed for the animals. It is now opened only for the dead animals. It will be open only when we build KERKG. Instead of bothering me try to help me. Think about how you can help me and do not teach me. Then Allah will help you. Stop to be a mindless animal.Mohammad gets upset on you but can not do anything. You forced me into it, I wrote it. Such was the will of Allah. I think I said a lot. Allah wanted it from you, you helped me. He has chosen you, you asked me these questions and I have replied. Everything I do and what I say is the information from God. God is with me and I am God. It already know the people of India Why Arabs are more stupid than the others. I do not know. Mohammad must be mad at you when looking at the moment, when I need support on Earth. I do not have anyone. Around are the only animals that do not understand and do not believe that I am God for them greatest of those who have ever visited Earth. For me, the Bible does not mean anything and does not mean anything your Koran. I am already a few years outside the jungle, and every my word is the word of God. You’re a nobody. You’re just question from God. You’re an animal, which Allah has put on my way, I could just write this text. After a few years in the desert I do not want to continue tthe work for animals searching for them the way out of the jungle. That’s why you were elected to talk with me. I’m not here just to give you a book to read. I am just to change, to help the World to get out of the Jungle. It knows the secret services of Russia, Europe, America, Asia and others. You want to know too much. I’m here to give you the new religion. So it has been established beyond the Earth. Who do you want to be. My opponent. You will be shredded as others who dared touch me, did something against me. I will not show you, because you’re not the chosen one. Definitely not the son of Allah, who may know the answer. You’re just a grain of sand in the Arabian desert, where you have to look for an oasis and you can not find it. Just a few years I’m out of the jungle, on the desert without water. Approach to the oasis. You, who are only an animal in the jungle, you want to know everything. You’re nobody. Think about it and do not insult me​​. Allah has chosen you, because you believe in him, to give me a question and it is all. Do not try more because you will be punished, or you will learn everything but beyond this life. I do not know if you want it. If you want it, Allah will help you. Just like helped other Arabs who died. They died with help of the Americans or others. These who killed them also were chosen by Allah. Think about all this and pray to Allah. Thank him that you have been chosen to contact me, to give me question. Only this Allah allowed me to tell you today. Maybe tomorrow I will write something more. Maybe tomorrow something happens in the World, that will help to start all the project KERKG. I already told about that what is happening in Ukraine is associated with my life on the Earth and what I do. I was not born knowing everything. I am also gradually getting the information that you need. For this you need to be prepared. You want to know everything Having no foundation, that this information can take. That’s what you want to know is for the the dead, not for you. That is my answer for the truth-seeking Arab.OK! You do not give yourself nothing to explain. Do not believe in me, it means you do not believe in God. I have the support of all prophets, and I have the support of your Muhammad. I will bring a new religion, which will also replace the Quran and other books old and fit only for the jungle, not to paradise. You think that you are educated. The jungle gave you knowledge, which is knowledge suitable for animals. Quran and the Bible are books for the animals in the jungle, in hell, where are you now, together with others. You wanted a logical proof. Here it is. That’s what I’m telling you are words of God. I’m bigger than Jesus. Thus, for the animals I am God too. You’re in hell and do not want to leave it. This knowledge you have, does not allow you to understand and believe me. You have to die to be believed. Only believe it, what they believe, the others. Can not think of anything new, nor understand anything. If those are all Arabs, now you understand why I have come after your Mohammed and I am not an Arab. I was for some time with Arabs and Muslims. So wanted Allah. And now I will introduce a new religion, without the aid of such Arabs like you who want to be in hell, because it is for them good to be in hell on the Earth. Qur’an does not move out you, from hell, from the jungle, where you are. You have to learn for a long time. You have to leave everything you have in the jungle and talk to Allah. Then you will be listened to. But you do not want to know anything. You want me to stop! Now you’re a wild animal who understands nothing in the jungle. Allah does not speak with you. You can read Qur’an to the end of your life and you do not get into paradise, because you do not want to listen to me. Allah suggested you to ask me. But you want explanations, according to the rules of the jungle, otherwise you can not understand. You ask me, to apply the logic of the jungle and explain things that for animals can not be explained. Already got an atomic bomb. But you want more. The gate is closed. Allah has closed it for the animals. Qur’an is not a book that would lead people from the jungle. Qur’an is a preparation for what I will do. But you’re a fool. Qur’an has not helped you to prepare yourself for this. You want to teach me? Shame on you. Muhammad is furious that his teachings can not understand the Arab fools like you. Maybe you have not information in Quran and this is the main problem. So, you can see, that Quran has mistakes. If there is nothing about me in the Quran, then you have proof that the Quran must be replaced my new religion. Do not want to understand. As others who have died you will understand. After death you will understand and you will be first suffer, you will be cleansed in the hell. Do not want to understand. As others who have died will understand. After death you will understand and you will first suffer, you will be cleansed in the hell. Only clean, you will go to the Garden of Allah. Qur’an does not help you. It drew my attention what you said about Jesus. “Soon he will return back to rectify Muhammad.” I have been sent and I will do it. Muhammad just used knowladge of Jesus end other Jews like Moses who also was chosen and was conducted by Allah. Arabs are not chosen to change the World on the Earth. Why? You can answer this question yourself. Why were chosen Jews. Becouse were chosen. Were expelled. They were persecuted and killed in huge quantities during World War II.Why it all happened just with the Jews? Why Einstein and other Jews were able to invent something new? Everything that happens on Earth is controlled by God. Hitler was also controlled by God. It’s all happening has bring to great changes. About these changes I’ll take care and it will be soon. As you can understand nobody should make me problems. If somebody will do something against me then will be punished. In Moldova my friend from Georgia was drank and struck me a few times but not too tightly. In the same time died on the street sister of bodyguard, who did not intervene. After week in Georgia mother died of a Georgian who touched me. People of the Church, nuns are the people who often have signs stating that this is something that controls us and what we call God. When I was young I did not understand why on my way I saw the nuns sometimes when I went somewhere where would be the door closed. It’s not going just about the door. It was a signal to me who am in the animal world with you. Jews already knew it a long time ago. Why did the Arabs not know it before? About this decided Allah. Jews are elected. This is what controls the Earth, shows them constantly that you need to change the system. That’s why so many Jews died. Died many innocent Jews. Everything took place in the center of Europe, in Poland. This is the place chosen by Allah. New Holy Land. Here we will begin to build KERKG. From this place, from Warsaw, we will control the world in the name of God. If anyone has any doubts, let’s examine the history of this region of the World! As I analyzed my life and I know why I was born and what I have to do. I’ll do it sooner or later. It all has already begun. Ukraine is a start. It was never Ukraine as a country. Has been selected by Allah to help in the project KERKG. Why it will start I do not know still.