Homeless, unemployed are the people rejected by the current system we have now. I call this system the Jungle, because just like in the jungle we have the system architectural and the system of life of people (people in the system are the genre of animals and nothing more). Most of those rejected are in Poland and other countries of the former Eastern bloc. It has to be so, because it has just Poland to be in the next future the center of the new system – the Garden. I call this new system the Garden of God – Paradise, because there will be a new architecture – Architecture of the Garden and a man no longer will be an animal. The jungle is the hell, where you can not find the door to the exit. Therefore, Catholic, and other religions explain that after the your death you will go to heaven, to God, to Paradise, if you are good of course. There is no Paradise and never will be on the Earth, according to old knowledge for animals. And so people – animals are not afraid to die. Allah will take care of them in heaven. Death for them is an exit from the hell, which is now on the Earth. Therefore, we have Islamic terrorists who are not afraid to do the problems in the USA. In KERKG will not be the Hell and not be terrorists. But the Americans do not want to help me. Americans do not want to have the Paradise on Earth. Americans want it to be what it is now – the Jungle – the Hell. The jungle is a system in which to live, you have to destroy others. There is no place either in the architecture of animals – environement, nor in the system of life. Americans call it all freedom. So said Barack Obama being in Poland – you have obtained the (fucking) freedom and you have to help Ukraine. But, what does it mean in this Jungle freedom. It is the freedom to kill. The principle is killing in such a way that bypass the (fucking) rights of the Jungle. But without killing the others is impossible to live in the Jungle. We just have to do it wisely. And this is the secret, know how of that system. I can understand Barack. I wrote about it already and do not want to explain again. We are, however, in Europe, not in Africa. We do not want to Jungle. We here had the woods in the past, and then we had nice gardens, parks and so on. For us, this system of Jungle is not acceptable. The homeless are the first require of the Garden. Thousands of homeless people on the streets of Warsaw. It is dangerous to sleep on the street. I have checked it out on myself. I have been attacked by a homeless criminals nearby building of the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, at night. If someone wants to sleep safely for example, in the hospice on the street called Poland must pay and will get the bill with information – a voluntary fee. Lie!!! This is Warsaw and this hospice (Polska street) is like a symbol of the whole of Poland. So is the Jungle that accepts American president. American animals very good knew who should be selected for such hard times, when we will soon try to have changed the Jungle in the Garden of God – KERKG. Until then, I’m going to leave Poland and take care of something else, of myself. I’m tired of the fact that there is nothing I can do, I have no support among the animals. Just as the Buddha have already had enough of this hermit life, without nothing. I expected support from Germany, Russia and Jews, but I have nothing. I have lost and I am still losing my life. Even Jesus departed Israel when he stated that he was mistaken. Muhammad had a woman, everything, and was supported by the Arabs. Me even Arabs do not want to endorse, they have money on the architecture of the jungle. That’s what I do, I do it for them too. Maybe they can not understand? Terrorism is not an option. Americans in result will destroy them, and will be only naked desert. Then they will understand something when it’s too late already! I think they’re idiots and do not listen to their predictions.