Journalists. I met one of them in Warsaw. It’s an old experienced journalist. This man does not understand and does not want to know what’s going wrong in the system. Will be sent to the real work and treatment to Siberia. He was in Kiev to register anything. He does not understand what’s going on. He taught in the USA, to be a moron, so it sounds. I’ll send there other journalists. These are people who do not think. This product of jungle and we need to liquidate it! This animals are not unnecessary in KERKG! These are the people supporting an existing system. They do not care. They give what animals will buy. These animals I do not need in KERKG as other products of jungle. They all will be send outside the KERKG or to USA. The ones who will remain will face Siberia. They like to travel and they will visit Syberia and they will work hard there. For them also there will be no mercy. These people could support me now but this is a bunch of morons, thoughtless, animals. All the shit disgrace for this world is to be sent to Siberia for treatment in combination with hard work. We will not judge them, because they are sick animals, morons! The first will be the one I met in the Old Town before the library. The first will be the one I met in the old town before the library. You can not offend me. I will be your God. As the God I have support from outside the Earth. But it is at the moment not important. We should not have problems in the future and this is why I have know more and explain it for you. Why we went back into the jungle now? They think that’s the ultimate system. I have lost a lot of time sending these morons my texts. No result. This is the shit that is a disgrace to the Earth. All of this will be cleared! I think it you will read journalists. I do not believe that I can prove that I’m wrong. You are shit and it is all what I can say about you! Besides, everybody knows that. I do not want to see you in KERKG!!!