Jews have always wanted to change the world. They were in the vanguard. But now when we really can do something good for the world, I do not have their support. Germany, who have been deceived by Hitler now also they can do what will rehabilitate their nation. Because at the moment they are only known for their gruesome death camps in Poland and other countries. German Pope already resigned and everything is prepared in the direction of making huge changes to the religions of the world. Russians, were not able to change the world, and now have a chance to do that with this my project. Lenin is waiting. He has done what he had to do. Could not do more. Communists wanted a lot but that their project was bad. Now we can do something together really a valid for the world. But Russia is not responding to my proposals. It’s a shame for Russia. Lenin as I think is terribly upset. Americans know that the system needs to be changed and there’s nothing you will be able to do with it They are waiting for our activities in Europe. But Europe with European Union is a big shit. They will just wait endlessly and may need will be a few atomic explosions and some short war to understand something. It is not enough disease and murderers sent by your God. Germans completely became fools after actions of Hitler. I am not Hitler and can not convince them. They can be persuade only maybe by the new one idiot like Hitler. I do not know how to speak to them, they are idiots that understand nothing. They believe in EU. Jews have forgotten its history affiliated with contacts with God. They are blamed for everything. In Poland, they have changed their names and hide their origin. They do not have any ambition that to do something for the world. They are so scared that they do not want to be Jews, by God chosen people to make changes in this fucking world. Have forgotten about people like Einstein and several others. They prefer to sit there in Israel, which is a tiny refuge and to defend themselves from the Arabs. It’s a shame that I do not have any support services in this great project. I’ll have to leave it and let this whole shit will see a nuclear war. These problems will be solved somehow. Solution can always be like Sodom and Gomorrah, or other destruction of the shit on earth.