In contrast to the jungle, where everything is unplanned and everything is permitted, we will all planned in the Garden of God. In the jungle, if you can find a place you will grow up. If you can find those for which you can sell something, then you can work in this direction. This system is a funny and does not fit the times in which we live. Just as no match for these times the religion. Still we are mindless animals. And it also does not fit our time. Everything can be calculated. What is needed and where? It all we’ll know. You just need to take care of all. We will have all the characteristics and we will be able to plan everything. There will be no money, because it is not needed. Food will be so much that for all will be enough. The Earth’s surface is too small to here everyone has built a small house and bought the property area. We need to build apartment blocks as high as it will be possible. I did some drawings, and it will show in the next information. In Siberia, we will do everything in such a way that it will not be very costly. Factory houses. Underground railways. Collision-free road junction. What we produce in the jungle. This is all ridiculous and primitive. In the Garden of God, we shall not be waiting for what they want animals called humans. We will design a completely new things that are still not in the dreams of people. The jungle is a huge delay in the development of the world. It is good. that although we have the internet and computers. This will allow us to change the system.