I wanted to throw it all but I can not do that. I’m so programmed that I have to bring it all to the end. End of the jungle is a transformation in the Garden of God. This change also will occur in the United States. They have the knowledge and it is a tragedy for them. They have their jungle, which is their favorite system. But we are going to change it all fucking system. And we will change it fast. That is what I want to say today to Americans. I know it is tragedy! I like their songs but I hate the jungle with that here what I have to contact on a daily basis in jungle in Poland. Poland for me does not matter. It is a Jewish cemetery and nothing more. Here we will do the Holy Land. This is the place that will be the center of the world. If someone wants to learn the language polish it will maybe needed. We will send half of Poles to Siberia, because that’s where we will have to build a new system in the new architecture – Garden of God – Paradise. When? I do not know and that is the tragedy of mine.