I can not be only the Tsar of Russia. The idea is to build KERKG. Without Russia, I will not do it, and vice versa without Europe this project of God will not be executed. Russia has been protected, so that now this whole thing could be perform. It is to be executed and perform regardless of whether anyone animal likes it or not! I must be the King of Europe as well . It for now, may be the Center of Europe with Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Bielorus and several further countries. How to do it the special services know! Vladimir knows what to do and should do it. But not only Russia has to work here. Need to be included Germany and other countries of Europe! But I think they know what to do. I am waiting as long as I can. I need normal life I need the girls and as other people. I am just animal as well. I can wait but I need action! Other wise I will go to …..