Commands of Control Center must be carried out exactly in accordance with the details. If something does not work then will be exchanged presidents and other services. They will not face a court-martial as threatened Stalin, because he had no other choice. Otherwise, the Communists would not win the war. But after the death they said about him bad. In contrast to Lenin, he is not in the mausoleum. fce41c858ed0a77ea2f46a32094afc28But Lenin did not win the war, that’s why he had to die earlier. Such is the history and for this purpose I am still here and I will be until I have to do the task. Times of killing are over. The guilty will built in Siberia capital and other cities in modern architecture. It will not be what now comes out of the jungle, then up sickly crooked, the symbol of the disease jungle around the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, which is sad because it can no longer grow up. Is fearful that the jungle it eventually will consume, eat. images-6But it will not. Precisely in this point, will be the Control Centre, which will be based on foundation of the Star of David, with the help of God and the dead Jews who were here in Warsaw and in this region of Europe (Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, etc). In the extermination camps died Jews from other European countries. Died there and now we will be able to change the system, to transform the jungle into a garden of God. God took them there, to himself so now they are here and will help me. Well I’m waiting for support, and they probably are waiting for me that I have understud something more. What else is needed. When do we start? I do not know? I do not know, because I do not know everything.