They are people who are Gods, according to Hindu beliefs. I do not like Indians. Here was born the man in the center of Europe in Poland. Poland will be not, nor will be Ukraine. And for what is this fight. This struggle in Ukraine is for me! I need to explain something. And exactly for this needs some people to be killed. As you can see, no one is important. Life on Earth is only something like a holiday. I talked about how to doing fine in Europe, but that’s not all. I have to do the order to the World, which means on the Earth. This applies to all. Just like in Siberia we will do centers on other continents. Also in Africa will be the center of treatment of animals known as human beings. To this resort will be sent blacks and Obama will go here. I’m not going to continue to ask, explain, what do we do and why we do it because the animals otherwise I can not keep talking!