The jungle is not just architecture. The jungle is a way of thinking, acting, method of education, the animal approach to all problems. The jungle is something disgusting but the animals of the jungle do not see any other solution. They can not see, because they are just animals, they are not still human. Human Beings maybe they were in the days of Greece. But now the jungle has transformed them into animals. Especially other solutions do not want to see Americans. They defend the jungle with all their might. But they will not manage defend the jungle. Nobody can jungle defend. Americans know it. Their various special services also have information from different sources, predictions about the future. Americans are not fools. They chose a black president now, because there is no longer the matter. Man of Africa is to defend them, is to defend the animals of the jungle, homosexuals and other patients. They know that everything is going in the direction of the huge changes on Earth. It is for them to be these huge changes. They are afraid that as the fires of hell, and nuclear war. They seems to think that this is the end of the world. It’s the end of the world of jungle. End of the world of animals called humans. And it will not be anything terrible. Jungle will be transformed into a garden of God – a paradise. From system this hideous jungle we will go into the garden. The essential feature of this new system is to plan everything. We will use to this purpose still free lands. First of all, the area will be used in Russia, which is the land that has been protected from the jungle. This protection has been planned. Terrible communist revolution, killing the Tsar, the use of unhappy forces in Russia. That all was to separate it from the jungle. The jungle was scared of all this. But communism was only a transitional stage in history. Communism had something to show. It was a stage higher than capitalism in the field of human interest and try to plan everything, and so on. In the field, however, of using of the existing potential for the development of the world was it system weak and everything collapsed. The jungle compared to the communist system could make better using of human potential and thus lead to the development higher than communism. But now the system no longer fulfills the task that is to be performed on Earth. The population is increasing and these people are not exploited to work for the development of the world and to ensure that all are happy. People emigrate in search of his place. Blacks from Africa emigrate as well. People do not like it here in Europe. But the jungle is freedom. Search for your location, or die. Inhibition of natural increase is a crime, and then this is the action against it what controls the Earth. Does not has to be a solution. The solution will be a new system. I call it KERKG system. In this system, every person in the world will have what he needs and will work for the development of the world. Wild the animal companies will not be fighting among themselves for contracts, for food, as animals in the African jungle. Animals called humans will not have to kill one another. Yes precisely to kill. Here you can give a rule of life, gaining food in the African jungle. The same takes place in the capitalist jungle. I do not have time here to discuss. Analyze it yourself please. It’s hideous that the man is still an animal that can no longer find a solution. And the solution is simple. We take everything and will be steered from one place. Now we can do it because we have this whole new electronics. The jungle wants to protect herself. We’ll have everything cleaned. You can not leave the jungle as she is, and to say that we will try to do something not intervening into it. It is a big shit. Hitler signaled his crazy way of purification. Millions of people were killed in the death camps. Hitler could nothing else invent, because he was not a man who could invent something good. It was not a man at all. This animal was used by God to attack Russia. In this way, Stalin took the future center of Europe and Germany, which will now be needed for my project. Needed are a few additional details. When I know these details then we will start. No one can stop us, because this is the will of what you call God. He designs programs. Americans know it. They can pray to it but it will not help. The system needs to be changed on Earth. Americans will experience more huge crises. Otherwise they will not come out of this jungle. In this country can not be easily lead to a change in the system. First, it all we will start in the center of Europe with the use of the whole of Europe and Russia and parts of Asia and the countries of Africa and South America. How is everything going to do? I wil write about it. Animals seems to think that all this is impossible to accomplish. That everything we will can do, because we will have the support of God. Therefore, the change will occur of religion and its current understanding. Hideous jungle will be removed along with all her religion and with which sustains the jungle and tries to make people still mindless animals. This religion promises a paradise after death. I give you promise – paradise on the Earth. I am your God. An example of the jungle in Architecture can be, for example, an American cities. Animals love it. And this is terrible! They believe that it is beautiful. Density in one place. To be able to grow new plants you need to kill the old ones. You can compare this deal with the jungle in Africa. It looks like some kind of curse. At the same time there is still slavery. ut now the slaves are also white. People were turned into animals calmed down by religions. Everywhere there are murderers, thieves and other types of sick people – animals. This is a freedom protected by the Americans. Freedom of jungle headed by a black president now. He came here to Poland to explain that Poland is now free. What is this freedom? This is the freedom of mindless animal that has learned to live hideous jungle life with the laws of the jungle. But this is where the change will occur. This is the program for the end of the old world and the birth of a new world, a world of happy people. These new people will live much longer, eternally, and not just here on Earth. For animals can not be open the path to space travel. It is closed. Just as Russia was closed for the jungle. Now the jungle is trying to to enter to Russia and so you must to hurry with this new system. Jungle in the former communist countries has even more hideous shape. But it must be just to convince the animals to change the system. Just as it was before the revolution in Russia. In Warsaw, it is best to be seen. With enormous expense all is constructed. Metro!!! Streets!!! Viaducts!!! And so on! And still it is not better, and will not be better. The jungle already it all can not cope. The slaves are exploited. They work hard and for very little money. Therefore, can not be enter the Euro, because everyone would see, the difference in relation to the jungle in western Europe.