I’m tired, because I’m on the street between the homeless. There are many thousands of them in Warsaw. Ther is no place to sleep. They want money. I have not money. Here is this shitty system, which is considered the best and no one wants to support my project. I did not sleep a few nights. I will tell you is that what’s started in Ukraine should consequently lead to the start of the project KERKG. I had the girl from Mariupol and this is explanation. But you can not understand it. Everything is going in the right direction. I look forward what to do next Putin, because the rest of you are just spectators and fools! I have already explained to you, what way you have to understand the history, but it does not make sense. I’m talking to you as I would talk to a dog or a horse or other animal’s. I’m tired. I am waiting for documents and I will go to Europe. I am improving my Spanish and Italian and I want to migrate from Poland and looking for some place. This is the jungle. You have to do what other animals do.