I like American music but most of all I like music English like Roliing Stones and others. And do not tell me it all came from Africa. I fuck this Africans point of view, and they all will be back on his black land! I will do there, in Africa, for each of them very nice place. I know it is different situation in America and this is not a problem. Americans wanted slaves and they will have them to the and of their fucking days of life.

Glory Days – I like it! America will be collony of Europe again and we will help them but not like now it is doing fucking capitalistic jungle. The jungle will be eliminate and we will have The Garden of God. We will have the KERKG !!! There will be new laws! There will be no mess and so-called false freedom that you can afford to put it to your ass, because you can not find a place for yourself in your life and you are looking how to go out of this fucking life!!!