This is just evolution not revolution! Evolution – the next stage of development, a man – an animal on the way to full humanity. Fight for food, for housing and other things needed for life. The struggle for survival. This characterized a man who lived in a cave and this characterize contemporary man. Capitalism has brought nothing to the evolution to a man transformation, the output over the animal world.jungle_girl_by_ohlopkov-d6cispt And that’s why we are still on the Earth. As the dogs chained to the doghouse, we have fastened up to capitalism and the Earth. Animals invented that instead of fight for food with another animal, you can give it something else that it likes and then it will give you food if it is no longer hungry. This was the stage of evolution, and since then nothing has changed among the animals. Later that something was replaced by money. What did capitalism? Killed the King of France. And it was the great revolution. The Communists were also confident of their revolution. They killed the Tsar and his family. Now we will do evolution, that is, a transformation of animals into creatures quite new, different so much from the animals that the animals can not understand this my project, for them is it unreal. People are still animals. jungle-girl-2-final.jpgStronger kill the weaker standing on the way to food. For this purpose have a weapon. Your God is waiting for the next evolution. One of the factors needed for the transformation is to increase production. So that would be enough for all. At that point will not need the money and will not need to fight with a weapon in the hand. But animals do not want to. Animals want money and they want to trade (it hated Jesus), deceive, kill, steal, etc. And that’s why everything has to be not enough must not be sufficient for all. It must be constantly struggle for survival, instead of the normal life in Paradise. Everything is affected by this disease. leaf_clothes__2_by_ohlopkov-d7q15rm.jpgReligion, science arts, family life, education, etc. Everything we will need to change. In this way, the system stops the development of the jungle world. The manufacturer stops producing something that he can not manage to sell and does not know what else he can do. Bankrupt. The tiny particles, which can make a powerful production machine, circling in search of its place and can not find it. God can not deal with this alone can not snap out of it. Therefore, it is necessary to make the Control Center – the brain for this celestial body that we call Earth. We will produce so that will be enough for all, and we will continually produce new things that will progress development of the world forward. The current system of jungle stopped the development of world. If people have food, they will want to airplanes and then spaceships. Lindsey-Pelas--Jungle-Girl-Photoshoot-2015--06-300x420.jpgAnd now we are still at the stage of food. Shame for those who do not allow us to change the bad system. Swedes they give the Nobel Prize to people such as Walesa or Obama, who want to preserve this system. It’s a shame!. I will never take the Nobel Prize, because I do not want to be located in such company. You see what’s happening. Nobel Prize profaned. Sick system. To produce not enough and sell expensive. Tyranny. In this way there is no production, many millions of people homeless and the unemployed on the streets, hungry and sick. People who start companies, people often uneducated idiots. Whether it is a principle of this system. There is also among them many thieves, etc. Because it is a system for such people. In this system, you can not do anything more. This system hopeless, only to be replaced. Well, in this system the computer was invented and it is a revolution. Thanks to this we can move on to the next stage in human evolution. But if the animals will give prizes to people who help to stop the development of the world that is really bad situation. What we can do with it? Your God will know the answer.