In Paradise will be controlled what is necessary to ensure peace and happiness for all people. Order of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword will protect the laws of God, laws of the Garden of God. Will be accurate characteristics of all people and will be known what they need. On this basis, they will also be employed. Existing private property as required will be purchased from the owners. Money will be not. Each work will be measured in specific units. Everybody will be evaluated and will have a certain amount of units that allows him to use a variety of things in Paradise. If you have purchased the ownership of private well the owner will receive a specified number of units. The schools will also carefully assessed the student’s knowledge after graduation. The knowledge and skills of each will be carefully reviewed and will form part of its characteristics.
For each proposal will be presented to several jobs. The rule is that everything is God’s property. You get different things that you may use. Similarly, your body will get also a communal for a certain period of time. Nothing is yours, because you can not bring their own after the death of the body. If we all take something for yourself and do not give to others in the end, those who are born will not be able to live on Earth, there will be no room for them on Earth. Thus, private property is against the laws of God. People of the Church for the first time in history will have a lot of work and will be able to help people. Churches will be a place where they will have work teams, whose task will address the need of all in the name of God. There will complement the characteristics of all who come to the church for help. The church will have a big event, with offices and employees of various professions. They will give work and rozwiązywli various other people’s problems.