Jungle and animals. The man who is still an animal, does not get any technology that will let fly beyond Earth. We must first separate people from the animals, create a higher level. This level is to be made ​​in this project. I know that the animals like it, especially those which have a food and den (home). Like a dog tied to his doghouse already can not think of anything. They are like pigs in a sty prepared by the host to eat. But this is not everything that does not allow the man to escape from the jungle! Here we can successively present different characteristic elements but, if I will do it now, it will be a shock to the animals. Please try change the environment for the pigs. What will then happen to them? And so the wild pig was prepared for fattening at home of a man. And so the system that we have turned people in pigs, the animals that the Jews do not want to eat. What does it mean? We can change the system and transform animals into humans. We can transform people, as we want! This system is the best for black people from Africa, from the jungle! And where is Europe. It’s some sort of punishment! America is guilty and we have to do something with this or we will die. We must move to a higher stage of development and then Europe will be again at the forefront. But, for the moment, Europe does not mean anything! Europe is nothing!