cropped-topWhy does everything in this system works so slowly. It is here the principle of the jungle. This is freedom. You can do anything if you want to or not. And here is the problem. I want to do something but they do not give me something to do. Who? Jungle! Plants want to take care of them, but in the jungle about plants nobody care. Communism gave people quite something else, there was work. Communists knew what need plants. But this is not now the problem of work only. The jungle is not planned to planting plants, as in the garden. Do not know what will grow in the jungle. Perhaps the crisis will grow. What will be its size? How long going to live. No one in the jungle knows. The crisis is the disease, which regulates the development of the jungle. The crisis eats something there. Like some kind of animal eats other animals and thus the optimal balance is maintained in the wild jungle. This is tdescarga-5he natural system. We’re talking, that we need to live in accordance with nature. Yes, this statement was true before. But now we have to analize it. We get from God, the body of which you need to take care of, and you have to take care of other things that we utilize. God gave us the nature that we processed it. Among the penguins are gays. This means that nature begins to go into some erroneous direction. God allows us to process nature in different things, which are needed. And this is the competent direction. Why is something wrong with nature? It is connected with number of people on Earth. The problem is that it does not keep up with the development of technology. We can not cleanse the atmosphere, rivers, etc. We found ourselves at a critical point. We must accelerate the development of production, new technologies, etc. To do this you need to change the system of the jungle. We do not work, because we do not see the work. Animals nothing invent themselves, generally taking. In the system of the jungle, the production is for consumption purposes. You produce because you want something to eat or something to have and hold, for nobody giving. For example, you buy land, house, etc. It’s called that something was consummated, because someone else will not get it without your permission. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo as to give alms to a beggar, if you want. Times have changed. There are many people and it is not enough for all the earth and all that is on the Earth. Consumption and almost nothing else. Only a few people concern themselves with something more. That something more is in the program of a man. We just have to transform the animals into the people, and will begin to flourish the world. Beggar is a man who already consumed what previously had produced, waited unsuccessfully that someone show him a new job, and finally came out on the street to show himself to others. It is as though his demonstration for those who can do something. But no one in the jungle such a demonstration is interested. Finally beggar dies and jungle still does not respond, this system is a system of freedom of life and death. This is an animal system. Only to consume and not to think of anything more. Let think those who have been chosen, parliaments and governments. And they are there in these organizations to consume and not to think about others. 642176.jpgBecause them this system so educated. Because them this system so educated. It is not a garden. It is a jungle, with its whole system, which works everywhere. At work, in the family, sex, religion, completely everywhere. How do we want to change the system from the point of view of consumption? We introduce something like use instead of consumption. Use and maintain everything in good condition. This is a part of the new system of garden. And this is new religion also. This is what desire this called by you the God. Everyone has to have a job in the garden of God. We can not wait to see what will grow, as the animals in the jungle. It was good in the Middle Ages, but now it does not work. This is bad. We’ll start it all in Poland, because here was communism, and here is outdated capitalist system today. I did not expect that, in Warsaw will see thousands of homeless people. About a thousand of them are in different homes for the homeless. The rest are on the streets. They sleep in the bushes, on benches in parks, etc. Those who do not have the money to pay for night enjoy the freedom, sleep everywhere. This is the freedom the people said from Solidarity trade union.