How it all works physically. Animals do not understand. You need them to explain this many times. Like you explain for a dog and sometimes something will understand. I try to speak in the language of animals but it is for people. And maybe that’s the problem. Animals do not want. What I propose here must be understood by those who have completed at least any school. I did not turn to unskilled workers as Walesa or boors from the village who do not have the brain capacity needed to analyze and withdrawing requests. They have only hands. Head of slaves in Communism was worth nothing. And here again the workers from Gdansk used by communists prepared for us another system that is to be thrown away. Now many of them are homeless and unemployed. Walesa has a Nobel Prize and other funds. 86433-forumWhat more he need. In Japan he has already been but in Russian Siberia probably still was not there. Siberia is waiting. Soups of Kuron are not enough to close the subject. Kuron died and the others died. Lenin also died and did not see what happened after that with communism. The working class overthrew communism with their hands. Or maybe he sees everything and help. After so many years can finally realize something. Many people died, and still die, abandoned, homeless, on the streets, in the corridors. God allowed me to see all the evil. I will these people, which led to this, not judge. Schools of the jungle, accordingly formed and prepared for life, their students. In the jungle then be counted to work and work like slaves, without thinking about food. In the jungle then they are elected to work and work like slaves, thinking of nothing but food. We are not in the U.S. at a time when slaves were brought from Africa. 84339.jpgThe system of slave labor was adopted for whites. We are in Europe, which, as in the period of Columbus will again colonize America and other continents. We will go there this time with the new system, the new religion and all new. Just like Columbus with colleagues landed in America, so we will arrive there. And that is why I am just learning the Spanish still. Jungle in the U.S. reached its limit level. I will call it African level. They love it! Like African people. I do not want to comment more. You can try. I have just started. EU will not help us. They have not money. We have to help for Europe now. Do you agree with me? So I need to start with the Great Project ASAP! We will go to USA to take the slaves of God and give them paradise in Europe and Russia. Just as Americans in Africa took the best, we will take from the USA the best. They will be needed for KERKG! We’ll take the best so how about this I wrote before.wroclaw+50-313,barlickiego_norberta.png I told that you Europe is responsible for their colonies. I do not change my mind, as you can see. Still explain to you more details but do not change anything.There will be almost nothing that will remind the jungle. Will be left houses, cities and roads but we will build right next to it a new cities in the new architecture and the new completely other than in the jungle flats and their surroundings. I will not now show this. It is good that jungle produced computers and the Internet, and now I can get up to you, with those texts. That’s what the old has to leave with the exception of old people who will be working, if they wish. The government will be replaced by the Control Center. Democracy and its structure in the jungle is bad and will be closed as other names. images-1Animals will no longer decide on everything, because everything is not better than communism. Should decide one man and it will be at the beginning the president and then, after coronation, the King. I’m still here talking about the heart of Europe but from that place everything will be radiated in all directions to the countries, which will be attached to KERKG and the colonies, that is, to those countries which will not be, for the moment, attached, for various reasons, what I do not want to talk at the moment. The current system, among other things, is so that everything goes very slowly. Production is small and there is no money for many new investments. There are a lot of unemployed and the homeless and the sick, who do not have money for treatment. Even places in homes for the homeless in Poland there are not. But this is not the way. KERKG will manage this problem and all problems we face now.