310a74fd00000578-3440232-image-m-9_1455099595542The time has come. We have to help the Earth and all that is on it, but most of all we need to help the people. People have been for a long time occupied with certain elements on Earth. For example, plants, animals, birds, farm land, etc. Now we have to take care about more and about ourselves. We have already so big number of people and so fast it is growing now that we can not wait any longer. We are still in the system of the jungle. In this system were various attempts to change something. Worth remembering is just Communism and Hitler. There were attempts of animals, called human beings. n the foundation still remained jungle. System still animals. For these animals there is no better system than the jungle.sexy-football-has-begun.w1456 (1).jpg Animals can not see another system and do not understand. On Earth, it is now a mess and the mess increases with increasing number of population. No one can bring it to some controlled system, find the way of sorting it out. Animals are trying to do something with the use of force. They have armies, bombs and other weapons. But this is not the way. Elements are dispersed looking for different roads, different places. A living example of this is the migration of people. Alone can not find a place, because it is impossible in this system where we are now. God will not do this alone. You might have to pray but it is not enough. You have to help God in this way, which I present here, and I will continue presenting. Previously this was not possible to do. Currently, it is possible and we have to perform this. We already have tools that allow us to do this. We have computers, the internet, etc. sexy-football-has-begun-w1456-2We will do the order. Will be here different phases, the order will can vary. Generally, in the first phase will have to find these wandering looking for their system particles of matter. Then describe them and put these characteristics in databases. At the same time, the need will be to create places, layout designs, and construction systems, ways of moving and projects actions of molecules. Here are a lot of things to explain. On the Earth everything is sorted out and this is the principle of existence. The current system is not able to execute it and we need to understand the necessity of its replacement with a completely new system, and other than the existing one. Here it does nothing to modify with the force, etc. Not everyone understand what I have in mind, so I’ll explain this in the examples. OK? Earlier I have analyzed everything, applying the theory of jungle. Currently, I will analyze the situation taking into account the theory of moving up, seeking their place, particles that without relationship can not live. They are designed to be a part of some larger composition. sexy-football-has-begun.w1456 (3).jpgThe current system, which speaks of freedom, gives the particles freedom. you are free. They may freely seek their place. Who is looking for shall find. This is not true. You can look for and may not find, in the same way you can your whole life looking for a partner, and you will not find. And so, you sometimes become a nun. The God is responsible for this. That’s why the nuns are choosen by this what you call God to send me only one signal. When I go somewhere, and on the way I see the nun it means that the door will be closed, or that the case I will not manage. In one word is waiting for me a failure of planned thing. Why such a way of information has just selected for me your God? Previously I was irritated by it, but now I understand. It is all about showing me that it is still the contact with God. Nuns are just the example of the failure of searches. These women did not find men and how they are saying they are serving for Jesus. And such a great harem has Jesus, but he does not want. These women can not be happy in this way serving God. sexy-football-has-begun.w1456 (5).jpgAnd God does not want this from them but he can not help them. We need help here God. We need to help the nuns. We need to help everybody who is looking for something and can not find it. I have already told you many times that we will solve all the problems but you still do not believe me and do not want to help me. Just as no one wanted to help Jesus. If you are God, help yourself, and if you can not help yourself it means that you are not God. And so Jesus had been passed to the Romans hands and sentenced to death. Apparently not everything is possible. Possible that there are some laws in the universe and they relate to the limit interventions on planet Earth, and certainly on other similar planets. According to these laws, those who are here themselves must do something to make it right. At the moment it is bad and that everyone can see. Ukraine it all now clearly shows. If someone does not understand it or does not see it, is just a cripple. This, what is happening now in Ukraine has been prepared historically. The Russians could earlier this part of land not to give to Ukraine. They gave this part, because that wanted your God. That was the plan. sexy-football-has-begun.w1456 (6).jpgIt is necessary, what is happening. Concerns the reunification of everything, and not only this part of Europe. This is what happens, it has to prepare to start this my project. Everything is correct! Earlier, Stalin prepared a place in Poland in the center of Europe. Earlier Hitler something had heard about the cleaning, about the space in Russia and so on, but he could not understand, it was all too difficult for him, because he had no education, and he could not thinking of anything like this. It was difficoult for him and … But it is the history and we can not say we could change something earlier if. The old-fashioned jungle called capitalism. is to exchange as everything what is old. Everything that is old is dying. Your body also will die. You have received this body to do something for the world. You’re not here just to eat and be a slave, who works for those who can not rule the world. Before the death you could do something for your descendants and for the world. Not only consume but create something that will push the world forward. Something that will solve the existing problems and will open the gates to the Paradise. You do not have to do it by the war with those who protect this what they think is their property.sexy-football-has-begun.w1456.jpg No one will take it from them by force. Nobody kill them. We will never again be animals killing each other in the struggle for food. We will have new technologies, new solutions. We will open a gateway to a new world. However, these gates will be closed for animals. And therein lies the whole project. Gates will be opened only if we are able to keep sick animals away from these new technologies. So we just need this new system, the control, new religion. That’s why we need the order of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. That’s why we need the KERKG. To Paradise, which will provide a new style life on the Earth and contact with the universe will not be allowed to enter sick animals. The system will be such that sick animals will be separated from the healthy. Similarly as in the case of infectious diseases. It can not be reversed. We can not isolate ourselves from others, build fortifications. We can not apply the techniques of Hitler or others like for exemple Kaczynski that means to kill, and thus try to transform the world into something else. In this way, the world will not be changed. The separation and treatment, not killing or keeping in cages. That’s why necessary are free areas in Russia, where we will prepare the foundations for Paradise. Molecules that now wander and can not find their place in the world that we have, in the jungle, will build a new world, Paradise.