This project must begin in Poland. That’s why I was born there. I am God, but I’m also a human being. I was born like other people do not know why. That is a system of coming to Earth. You do not know who you are. I think the secret services had some sort of information. I do not know nothing, because I have no access to it. So it is scheduled by what controls the Earth. Therefore, even the US can not do anything. Therefore, the Americans know that it will be the end of their freedom jungle shitty, shitty, a false democracy, homosexuality, murderers, thieves, war, and this whole shit, which they call capitalism. Enough. It can not withstand the pressure of time. China, India and other countries artificially stop the birth of new people, because the jungle is not able to solve the economic and many other problems. This is to much to analize here. This system can not be adapted in order to solve new problems. This is antiquated system, which served its purpose in an earlier period of history of the world. But now everything is going differently. Poland is for me, the country of pigs, which came to the cities from the countrysides. Poland is a great sty with pigs. I do not can count on their support and I do not count on this support. I have to get this support from the World and then Polish pigs will have nothing to say. Too bad that I have not got the support from the Americans and NATO. It would be best. I do not understand completely what is happening in the US. Why they want to defend the jungle. For me they are corrupted soldiers. Do you want to get completely drown in this shit in the jungle. You are waiting for some sort of punishment from what you call God. You will get the punishment I promise you this. I am God. You know that. You have chosen a black president and all the problems are solved with it. For everything that happens bad, he will owe. Does this mean it was just all about?