What I saw in Warsaw, it all confirms my statement about the jungle. The girls are not beautiful, as were in the communism. They are thick and ready for sex. I also want to try it but I have no money at the moment. Although I could be the God, but it what is outside of our world, does not allow me to have a normal animal life. I even wanted they gave me contarct in USA and tyhen I would be busy and stoped this project! Who in this world, in the jungle, the best? The black people from Africa! They are the best in seks! Girls love them! Becouse in this fucking American jungle they are on the top of sex and ….. Europe is at risk! That’s the truth. This is not all that is evil in the jungle! I’m angry and I now understand why what you call God Norwegian selected to kill some people. Once again, I confirm that I will liberate him when I have received authority over the world. You can laugh! But it’s not jst the problem of black people. This is a problem of the system, which is working on the principle of the jungle. Why are those idiots in the U.S. have chosen a black president? I’ll explain it further! America will be thrown to my feet, where there will be no other option.! Am I a God or not, what you think? That’s exactly I who could have seen communism and compare this with what we have now. Life is not about to be an animal, like a pig! After these years of freedom, that spoke about Obama in Warsaw, I see in the tram only herd of pigs, ready for sex, not for love! It is this your system! System of animals! System against the people and God! Americans wanted to move jungle to the U.S. and therefore we are also punished! But I will stop it!!! You have finally to understand, pigs and other animals! Added to this is that what I say constantly – slave labor of animals! We will introduce central control and evaluation of every man! This is not only love and…. This is only exemple! Everything is shit! I will explain it for you pigs and other animals. Now, I have to make a brake! I am tired, becouse you do not understand it what is going on and what is more you like it – you are animals. But you have to think about what is love!