I have a feeling that everything is already ready and we can start all these transformation of old system into the new system, which will be neither capitalism nor communism. The system will be paradise. It will be just exactly what people have been waiting for. In particular it has been waiting for Poland. These predictions from the period of romanticism may now become a reality. The current system is old and is not able to handle new problems. Who can not solve the existing problems must go. So we change the team coaches in football and so we have to change everything and everyone. The Director must be replaced by another director. The president must go. Pope must abdicate. The king must give up. We can see that these changes are not helping. Why? It all takes place in the same environment. We’re trying to change something but at the same time we protect our environment. What we protect? We protect jungle! We protect our animal mode of existence in the jungle. Taking an example from nature animals kill one another. This is their way of protection from extinction. These animals call themselves human beings. The particles are trying to find their place in a system. First, are looking for a contact to be tied to something. After the fall of communism, these systems in which the people had their place, were liquidated. People accustomed to the fact that they were found the place, now feel thrown out. Of course, communism had to be closed and for it there is no return but …. But the system, which replaced communism can not solve the problems. Moving back to outdated capitalist system, in which there is no control, is a step backwards. We must now get out of this system to the new system. From this system of jungle, where everything is random, we have to go to the central control system, planning, and building, finding the best components and create a great body, which will ensure the proper development of the world. To these individual elements combine properly, we must have their specific characteristics. Here it is not just about individual human beings. This is about all the layouts that are built in a natural way it means, what was near it joined and formed, for example, some company that is very far from the needed to accomplish a specific task. What once was sufficient now is to exchange. The current system of communication and opportunities to move these individual elements in search of his place is much more developed than in the time of birth of the capitalism. People are moving in search of their place. They have very good information from the mass media. In this way, Europe is almost flooded by immigrants from different continents. These new elements are in conflict with the old. The old do not want to leave. You can take control of everything and solve all problems. But not in this system, that is now. This system can not handle nothing more. Time to replace the system. Need to be taken all the component parts necessary for the development of the world. Need to be described in details all the individual components. What is needed and how it all works? This can be explained on the example of the sport. Athletics is a discipline where is very easy to determine the characteristics needed. For example, to run the 100 meter information is needed about the speed of the competitor. On this basis, we can answer the question who will win. In football, it is difficult to predict the outcome, without a very detailed analysis. We need highly detailed characterization of individual players. Not only the speed but many other items. Players play in teams and further study is needed. We need similar analyzes of the opposing team, etc. By using computer programs can be reached relatively quickly the solving of puzzles. They are teams that can win. Germany can much not only in sport but they have also problems which can not be solved. Germans were allowed to be reborn in 1949 and now I need them to complete this project. This year is connected with my person as well. I will not explain it now. This time we’ll do something completely different. I know that the Germans are afraid of everything now after what Hitler did and therefore they do not want to support me, waiting. With a detailed description of all the particles, we can build systems, compounds, etc. That all we can integrate and control, control from one place from Warsaw from a high tower in the center, which will cover the communist Palace. There will be a brain – Control Center. Only such a system will allow us to push the world forward. Everything in history had its meaning. Killing Jews, and further destruction of Warsaw was mad symbol of impossibility to make changes. If someone has problems and is an uneducated fool who can not find a solution then he blame for all those who are standing on his way. Beats his wife and ….. We know how these problems can be solved. West Germany joined with East Germany. And now we need to go farther – KERKG!!!!