Very serious increase in crime brought return into the jungle called capitalism. And this is obvious. In this jungle is a constant struggle for food. Always someone must not have, and this someone will be fight in different ways unfair. Still people are animals and therefore will not be a clean fight. Nothing else can we expect. It can be sports struggle, but at the higher stage. To get to this stage you have to pass transformation. The transformation of the animal into the real not animal man. Therefore, in this project, new religion and a new church have a dominant position. We say that we introduce a new religion and we will expect that they all the religion will accept. You have to feed better animal than is feded now. The better is the owner the more faithful is servant. Thus, our master is God, who this time will be able to give the animals a lot more than they have at the moment. We will use all the people to produce and to create new inventions. Currently, it is all inhibited. The manufacturer asks the question, who will buy it. He can not find the answer to this. No one is interested in the development of the world. Animals are interested in only own hole and what is there to collect. This is the idea of ​​the current system. Steal everything for yourself. Lead to a situation that others do not have, and that they have kill him to get it. The animal is stupid. Am I right? But when we take it all, unite the world in the name of God, then we will be engaged in all the World. Everything will not be ours, as in communism, and all we will rule, because it is shitty democracy and billions of people dissatisfied because the animals rule. It is Gods property not yours. Thus, our master is God, who this time will be able to give the animals a lot more than they have at the moment. Generally speaking will be able to give everything. The current system halted the development of the world and we all have very little. What is formed, it is unplanned and is not organized. Because it is not a garden where you can schedule something. The KERKG idea is to manage a big area. The use of all the people in the area for production. It will be easier when everything will be controlled from a single location. You will be able to plan different kinds of production in different areas. Not like is at present – in the different areas the same is produced. Advantages can be analyzed and convince those who do not understand this. At this time, a small group of people deals with the production. More deals with production in the countries of the so-called highly developed. But it’s a shitty name and results from comparison with the so-called underdeveloped countries. It’s all sick. Nothing here is a highly-developed. This project KERKG has to show what it means the word development. Does not mean everything to mix. Currently, we still have slavery. The slaves themselves come from Africa to do slave labor in Europe and other countries of the old fucking jungle system. This is for them this system constructed but they do not like it. The have no choice. Afryka is the problem for them. Is it the such a purpose Europe gained colonies in Africa? I do not think. This is where you need to expand production and thus stop the emigration. It does not like people in different countries. It does not like they all, but it’s the magic word racism allows not be openly against this emigration. We have different climatic zones. So set your God. People differ with their characters and this causes conflicts, dissatisfaction of other people from the area. I know that this shitty system under the leadership mainly of the United States allows it all for the price of maintaining peace for those who have something and do not want to agree for changes. Is that why Christopher Columbus discovered America, so that there was established generation of animals, which now does not allow Europe to solve the problems? This is not a democracy, when only a small group determines the development of the world. This is tyranny. Under communism was the dictatorship of the proletariat and here is the dictatorship of another group, whose name can you figure out yourself. These people have no need for anything more. They already have food. Nothing else they want. Therefore Walesa received the Nobel Prize. Obama got the Nobel Prize for the maintenance of peace. This is what just I write about. For the maintenance of this hideous system in which sated pigs lie and nothing more want to have. It does not help Norwegian, who kills people in exactly in Scandinavia in Norway and crying during the trial, when he explains. He himself does not understand what happened. Pigs are waiting for more. They are waiting for terrorist attacks, which kill the so-called innocent. Innocents are dying to show something for those guilty. But this is wrong name. Everyone is guilty. I’m here writing these articles, but without any support from pigs and slaves. People are still animals. I am sent by your God beyond the margin. It helps me to write about it. Pigs maintain a state of equilibrium and provide for it a Nobel Prizes. Nobel is rolling over in his grave. Everything must be under control and made according to the plan. We can not leave without checking everything waiting for the next messenger of God who will launch an atomic bomb. The jungle moves to Eastern Europe, that remembers communism. Everything is under control of your God. People can see that the system is bad. Now they can see all the details. It was meant to be. People used to see the jungle from a different point of view. Communism did not commit any errors. It had something to show people and show. Communism was a transitional system that had to be disliked by many people. Now we will jump to the higher system whose model here on Earth was not yet. I wanted it all to start earlier but now I only discovered more details. I wanted it all to start earlier but now I only discovered more details. That is why so often I send to you my articles. It still seems that now I can not start but there is someone above us, who all has planned. Only he knows when to start. Or perhaps something explain predictions. History teachers teach history but can not analyze it in such a way to find a solution. What will be the next step? It is difficult for the animals, who can not think on such a high level. And in this study can be tempted to write some kind of historical equations that are to produce a result. But it is at the moment in the form of prophecy. Just as the French writer Jules Verne (again the letter V), which provided the construction of submarines and other solutions. In recent history is characterized by such things as the start of World War II, the role of Germany and Russia, the place – Poland, the Polish pope, the last Polish role in the changes of systems (Walesa). There are other events related to the center of Europe. But for now it is enough to think about where this is leading. Similarly, what is happening in Ukraine leads to the same. Everything leads to my project KERKG. Someone may ask himself the question why all this ever happened. I asked myself a question regarding my person at all, and after further analysis, I understood my role. Americans knew that communism would collapse and now also probably know what will be next and what will be with USA. Nothing here can be changed, generally speaking and in details. It is only a matter of time. Here is no longer it determined by the force. Who and how many have a gun, it does not matter. It is only important that the project KERKG will be realized. That is not still started for me means that I will still carry out analysis that will lead to the following conclusions. Before starting the action, I have to know everything that is needed. Relaxed and sometimes with the nerves I am trying something further to analyze.