I do not want to be the president of Poland, I never wanted this, it was to be the transitory stage. I want to be a king and my future residence is Royal Castle in Warsaw. Castle, that was destroyed totaly, but it was built again. This is not a historical monument. This is the completely new Royal Castle. Does it have any meaning. Definitely so. I studied a at this time post-graduate studies of preservation of historical monuments in Warsaw, when in this time exactly the castle was built. I did not know than, that this can be my residence. Komorowski has still one and a half year. In this situation, I can be the king. He can be the president. Of course I immediately will begin KERKG project. I will not ask you or the president or the parliament, I will start. For me the only boss is your God. Yesterday at church, which I wrote about a fire erupted. I was just there and Eugenia, woman from the church. If we were not there the church would burned down, without any doubt. Fire touched the wooden floor. It was God who has prepared for me these situation and in this way he introduced me to some position like. Without any doubt will I receive from God what I is required to implement the project. These signals, which I receive, are proof of this. Why still I am waiting? I do not know. Once again, about communists. What did Lenin? Lenin has retained jungle. Lenin did not understand, did not have the knowledge to understand something like that. Lenin was not such great philosopher. But such man was for God in this time needed. In the jungle took advantage of this layer, who could not pierce to the top. Furiously animals done so macabre revolution. Something hideous that no one could not predict. Those at the top layer used them for their growth. Lenin took advantage of it and made infuriated the workers. With animal jungle methods, the animals killed the Tsar of Russia and his family and overran the country. In the jungle the lower layer broke to the the top, killing the plants that were already in the sun. With what it can be compared? This can be compared using various elements of the jungle. Important is that Lenin did not eliminate the system of jungle. The jungle remained, and plants have changed only at the top, to them this time smiled the sun. These plants, however, could not grow up, using the lower layer in the jungle. The lower layer not existed. You had to create a jungle again, this time Communist. You had to create a low layer, which could be used. How the jungle in this case has to grow, if you do not have the substrate at the bottom, from which you can extract juice, suck blood, like a vampire. In the Communist jungle was established, at the top class of new vampires, the elects, who took over the authorities. Here’s how it works jungle and its laws. Animals and their surroundings – the jungle. This class of cheaters, had the task using of different ways to force those idiots at the bottom to work and give products. For a while it succeeded, but you do not have to be a very wise man: to see that this could not last for a long time. Those at the bottom finally offended, and stopped produce. American theorists had foreseen this. Communism collapsed. What I am introducing, it is not communism and it’s not a jungle. Americans know that I will succeed and obviously already are panicking now. Of course they will not help me, because according to the prophecies they will have in connection with this various problems in US. At a time when we start this project, the whole world will understand that this is the best way, another historic step, which will replace capitalism, will replace religions and will replace all other very bad products of the jungle. Jungle will not be. It will be God’s Garden – Paradise. Animals already come to the stage of development, they begin to understand different problems. This system, the system of the jungle, their problems will not solve. Jungle already had done what she could in its history. The jungle and the system must leave. The idea of communism, where everyone had to be satisfied with life, the idea was very friendly but impossible to achieve in the jungle system. Nevertheless, occurred in communism some positive elements – for example, anyone who wanted could learn, anyone could work, etc. But their problem was that nobody wanted to work. It was the main problem. They could not solve it and they gave authorities to the system of capitalist jungle, which is today. They lost. I will win with the help of God. The Communist jungle rolled down, production declining, those at the bottom stopped work. and eventually ended communism, as the historical stage, like other stages in history. Capitalism also waiting for the ending, but capitalism is stronger than communism, and do not want to leave. I do not know in what way God will help me enter the throne in Poland, but somehow I’ll come there. Once again the project. Everything is of God. Earth, companies, animals And you – everything is of God. It’s not like in the jungle, you’re stronger, you come out on the top and like a vampire suck the blood of others. The system KERKG all are working for God. Religion, which above all is a band of divine laws, which should be respected. What God wants from you? God gave you life, after this you use it so much, as you can. You will be able this life so use, if you will be perfected yourself physically, intellectually, etc. You can not like an animal, try to defeat other, corruption, and various other methods of wild animals. Only clean sport. You’re better than others because you have greater knowledge, you can better use your knowledge, develope something better and produce more. You are physically more perfect and can also produce more. Sporting rules – clear rules , consistent with the laws of God. Some of these rules use the Americans why this antiquated system of capitalism has a developed stage in this country. Nevertheless, there is still yet jungle in there. What will be in this project still new. First of all, there will be no bad products of ungle.There will be no murderers, thieves and many other diseases produced through the jungle, which gives freedom to action, freedom for all and in this way does not give freedom to anyone. You do not feel safe, then you are not free. In the name of God, we will all control it, we introduce religion – principles, central planning. The Garden of God – Paradise. In this system, we will be looked after everything, which is what will be for everyone (business people, etc). Russians are powerless. Can not do anything. We love Earth we want to live here, it will be a Paradise. But we have all to take care, we need to change it!!!!
Lenin could not think up something like I invented in this project. Lenin was not able to think on that level. This level exceeds the minds of animals and I also can not reach you. You are still not convinced. I will not wish you that you persuaded your good God, whom you adore, and seems you think that he gives you only what is good and what you would like. You’re wrong. He thinks what to make ​​in order to convince you to change the system. The next killer, similar to Norwegian, and maybe an earthquake or flood. Need to cancel that jungle. This is my first job and your with me. There can not be this wild sysytem where everything is allowed and we all are wild animals and we have animal lows. You have to finish this and quickly. God will not accept you animals in his space. Rather You will be destroyed, bombs are ready, you have prepared it themselves and you will die, if we will do nothing. Animals are becoming more and on other planets, they will not fly, because the good your God will not allow this to animals. Everything is designed and is carried out according to the plan of God. The next stage is my project. We’ll clear structure. So how are cleans garden of weeds. And it is this my photography – Kalki avatar. Weeds will be sent to Siberia, and there they will build new cities with a new religion, a new architecture, new laws. There will occur the transformation – transformation in people. The new system, in which everyone will have what he wants. The Americans say that in the U.S. you can be who you want. You can do what you want. Land of dreams. But this is not true. It is still capitalism, and capitalism is a jungle, in which you if you want to go to the top you have to kill the other competitors. Money is the next thing. For the money you need to get married with an old woman, though you do not love her and do not want her. There’s something wrong in such a system. This is just one of the examples. This woman has to promote you to the top. Is not possible otherwise? You are good and that you can show and immediately you are at the top. This is the new system the Garden of God – Paradise. If you want to be up at the top you need to be perfect and you will be where you want to be. No corruption but clean sport. In this way we can timulate the development of the world. Americans are close to this but with this system the jungle never will do what is in my project. These are also animals finally. They want something to do there but they can never do what I will do in the new system.
Thus, the jungle is a world of animals and what I want to create is the garden. The distinctive element of the garden is the care and the creation of the plant. And it is precisely the idea and the basic element of the project. My goal will be-create so many new ambitious people as it would be possible. Elimination of aggression. It will not need to go out to the very top. Sport and its principles. You will be on the top, because you will be better than others. Not through corruption and deceit ways but by the fact that you will show up. Shows will be everywhere and will assess the possibilities. You can not have finished any of your studies but you have to be better than others. No studies are needed and evaluation. What is needed is knowledge and skills. Knowledge and experience. I thought, the experience is not important but you can see what God is doing with me. I still have new information to obtain. I am now among the homeless. Why do I need it? Why do I have to be located here? What kind of experiance i can take from it. Why Buddha, all left and went away, and then he could come up with something. In the garden will be prepared places for everyone. Everyone will be doing what he wants. This does not mean that you will kill, etc. The new religion will turn animals into people.
How we will move into the new system. Knights of the Cross and the Sword will purify structure, from the worst weeds. Prisons, and those animals that are associated with evil, corruption, theft, other sick perversions, will be all send to Siberia. There they will be busy with work. They will build a new system. The creation of something that is in the project. Garden of God. Each unit in the Garden will be under the care of God. No one shall steal, and slew, because they will get what they want. Life is not just consumption. Life is the transfer of something else, is the creation of new values. You’re happy when you can born children and you are happy when you can born different things. Am I right or not? Just because you want to give a new life, is this just something, which controls you in other areas of your life. Having this information you can understand a lot of things. You do not just want to have babies, you’re so shaped that you want to give your contribution to the development of the Earth. It is inside you. Not only you want to reproduce, but also you want to increase what is around you. It is just kind of creation of new things, like children. This is precisely the meaning of your life. Such a way you were created and shaped by your God. Now let’s move to capitalism and find those of its major disadvantage, which causes that it will now be eliminate. Here the capitalist animals, make it impossible for tremendous group (that are already now billions of animals ) not only to reproduce ( in China and India problems) but also create new things for the world . In this way, we lose very much. We have stoped the development of the world. Every man is created by your God and has his task to do in his life. This is what God wants from him. Consumption and leisure, rest, so that you could further create new things. Delay the development of the world. Killing unborn children is already a terrible murder. World must do something about it , and just now. And this fucking world can do nothing. Jungle has problems and can not manage this. It is not in this system to help others. This is wild freedom of animals that do not care about others. Am I right? My project is to do just what is needed regard this. Therefore, your God is and will be with me. If someone does not understand and will stand in my way, will be destroyed in a terrible way. it will be no longer Norwegian, who came out with the weapons on the street, it will be something more terrible. Just to make you believe in what I am saying. This is how your God helped Jesus and I wiil have this kind of show from him as well. This group, which can not fulfill creation of new things, can not produce new value this group is not only unhappy. This group suffers, also mentally, often they dye. They sometimes begin to steal and kill others. Animals do not notice the problem, because they are stupid animals, they are not people, but their God can show them easy what is going on – an example is the Norwegian killer, a man actuated by God, for the performance of a specific task. I’ll help him come back to life when I will be able to do it. Your God is not what you think. If there is no other exit you have to be prepared for something like this, and you finally will start thinking. If it’s not enough, you will receive more from your good God you read about from your Bible. You God does mot care that you read your Bible. You will be punised becouse you are stupid animals and you need be beaten until you begin to think like people, not like animals.
And so we come to the essence of things. Should capitalism could take care of all that, what I want to do here, it would already was not capitalism. Capitalism will not take care of anything, because the principle of capitalism is to suck the blood of others. In the jungle must be stated below victimized layer, layer, which agrees to be used , in order to survive. This everything your God does not like. Already gone the days when the Catholic church approved such a system jointly with those who were on the top. Currently, the church no longer knows what to do and is waiting…… for me, I think so. If I’m right, why the church is still silent. Why you not help to solve problems? No I’m not ask you for help. I am more than Jesus Christ, and your God will help me, which cease to love you. I am not Jesus. II will not ask anyone for permission, because I am what you call God sent to Earth to perform specified task. I will execute this task, like others in history. I am to introduce a quite new religion and make a combination of Europe, Russia, Arab countries and formerly colonies of Spain and Portugal. What’s next? We’ll see? For the moment is such a project to do.
I want to be the king, because otherwise, nothing I will do for you and for the world. I can not imagine, you will not give me this position. It’s the end of the story, which requires it. It’s not me. I have nothing I can do, I can take care of something else. It’s finally history, which requires it. It’s not me. I can do nothing, I can be busy with something else. If I only could do this something else. They are still keeping my documets and waiting. I am just doing what I can. Your God just is giving me more and more informations and I can understand more and more. Hard work and he has no mercy. There will be no mercy for you. It is no longer fun if the Chinese slay the unborn child or artificially regulate population growth. Unmerciful system does not find solution. The solution can only be a nuclear war. This is your future and your God will not change that. He wants to help you, and we need to do it now, but if you do not accept this solution you will die, I think so. I have not another solution only this. China and India and Pakistan are waiting for me. I know I am Kalki avatar in India. But in China I do not even know who I am. They will say to me, I think so. You know who I am and you are not helping me. Why? It’s only God knows. Apparently I have yet receive more information. The Catholic Church must be on my side and this is what I ask Francis. Please! Just try to understand. We have to change the system with your help. I do not know what to write today. Yesterday I wrote about what is needed to a man. He is so shaped that he must produce. He must give birth. He must also produce other things. If someone makes it impossible he is working against the laws of God, who is all-seeing, and he does not like it. Nothing will help you praying in churches. God does not accept what is happening. You have to take everything under control, and I’m here just for this. My life has been so prepared that I have to do it. I walked away from first wife and second wife. With others this good God would not allow me to get married. I am here I will not be telling more because it would take a lot of time. I can not to give up this project and go away to another job. God so arranges it all that I still deal with this topic here in this group KERKG. I still have something missing. If I already knew everything what is needed, I’d already was in Poland on the throne. I’m not there yet, and it means that I have yet to understand something. This project is a serious thing. God did not chose this time moron, like Hitler and others before him and after him. God not needed Jesus – carpenter, without Education, which was to be crucified. He has prepared me here to accomplish this task. Lousy life. Life without love and without pleasure. So it can be assessed from the point of view of the history of my life. Let’s get to the topic. There has been already not a lot of time. I think that in the spring we will start. I can not imagine, to be any longer occupied with this. My knowledge and training in designing, creating various new things, it gives me now skills to adopt a completely new information. Se analizzare ulteriormente questo animale, che al momento non è ancora un uomo, troviamo più articoli, che dovrebbe essere dato a lui. L’elemento principale è la creazione di nuovo. Lo ripeto! Non si tratta di lavoro schiavo, che si sta facendo, in qualche azienda. Dobbiamo dare all’animale la possibilità di creare un nuovo, se si vuole fare. Poi sarà di nuovo un uomo e sarà felice. Non è il denaro e il lavoro degli schiavi e poi la birra, per avere alcuni sogni dopo aver bevuto. Qui non ci sono i soldi di cui aveva bisogno. Dio ha creato per esigenze specifiche. Dio l’ha creato, al fine di dare al mondo figli e produrre cose nuove. Il sistema, che inibirla. Questo è uno dei problemi. Abbiamo un sacco di problemi. Tale sistema dovrà cambiare ei problemi scomparirà. Vi assicuro. Ci deve essere una trasformazione di animali in esseri umani. n caso contrario noi non voliamo verso altri pianeti. Saremo distrutti sulla Terra. Gli animali non capiscono e non mi possono aiutare. Questa situazione drammatica,

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Great Project – more details
Russia . I know you do not like Russia, but Russia will be just this country , where we will show you the design of God. I am your God , the God of animals. Otherwise I can not speak to you. If Jesus was your God , I’m over it all. I am the most important your God. They call me in these prophecies in Poland Antichrist. And how else can we change something in the animal system. In Poland, wanted to crown Jesus on the Polish king . Completely animals went crazy . I wanted it all to you briefly introduce , but it does not possible. To the animals you need to speak for a long time. Just like to a dog you say a thousand times , and finally he begins to understand something . The same thing I have with you. I do not want to be here . I also want to have a woman. I am an animal the same as you. I ‘m a wolf , I think so . I will not come into the details here , which may well interest to women. We will do it in free time . To Russia, Siberia , we will send all that is ill in Europe. I am Kalki Avatar and I will clean it all. But that’s not all . I will not just clean. This is a simplification because it would be more difficult for you to understand . I will change the system , which is currently the world. This system is responsible for everything that is bad. This system has created assassins , thieves , homosexuals and other diseases. This system does not allow us to have access to new technologies , which will help us to meet with the inhabitants of other planets and populate other planets . I do not want any longer explaining this , because we need for it a few hundred pages , that you will finally understood . My task is that the information could reach the secret services , which will do what is needed . They’re also waiting for the decisions of what you call God. They themselves are not able to put it forward. Who is the God we know we will . For now, nothing to animals can be more to say. If anything more we say , they will start to suicide . You need to change the system on Earth. Let’s finish with the old capitalist system . I know that Americans do not want . And that’s why I’m not in America. If I were in America I did not want too . I would be busy with women white , black , and nothing I would do there . That’s why I’m here. This is what your God has chosen for me. Russia and other countries know why I ‘m here. Here there is no America and the expanded capitalism. There is bad and that’s why I ‘m here. With this system further , we can not go now . I know it will be a problem for Americans . They will start a revolution. It will be bad. They will need the assist from Europe. These are prophecies and predictions come true so far. Pole had to stay in Vatican and he was pope. It is a pity that the Catholic church does not understand the history and do not want to support me. It’s their choice. I will close Catholic churches in Poland and will conduct reform. Priests, who stood by my side will be worked on and introduce new religions in the world. Other will be banished to the streets. I will close churches. They are flexible. Even homosexuals they are able to accept. No I’m not going to accept anything. It will be a new religion, and it is expected that church support my Knights of the Cross and the Sword. This will be my decision for the church in Poland – will be closed, if I will not receive support and now they should discuss this thing in the Vatican. Of course, Francis understands that he is the last pope. Next I will be up at the top. I am your God and governor of this something what it all manages, the one who can destroy the earth and kill all of you. Russia will be this country, which will be a dream for everyone. In Russia, the city will arise in the new system. No jungle but the Garden, it will be a new system. New architecture and new everything. Architecture of the garden, not architecture of jungle. It will not be structures that cut the sun outside the other buildings below. It’s not race to the top, over the dead bodies of other buildings. Style jungle, go out to the mountains after the corpses of others. This is not the style of the jungle, which we have now. Garden architecture, architecture clean. To build this new system will be sent just those who are sick here. All those who are in prisons and other patients will be sent there to build cities in the new system. There will have also hospitals, where they will be treated. They will create the new system. They will adopt these new religion and will find a place for themselves there. Under the old system they became ill. The new system will will help them recover. I was here again today in the Orthodox church , where is very nice team . The priest very well lead the masses . I am surprised that so few people visit these nice church Haralambie on the street Aleksandru . I visit the church every day, so this church is chosen by God. You can not believe in it , but you will believe when I finally will come to the position of president and then king in Poland. It will all will be in accordance with the prophecies . Eugenia, which works there told to me once, that will be one religion in the world and Russia will save the world . And she will be right. It will be one religion and the new system, which will begin in Russia, in Siberia, it will be there and after will be adopted in other regions of the world. Characteristic for this will be , that just sick animals, criminals, they will build the Garden of God. they will transforme the jungle into the garden . This will be just God’s Garden – Paradise and it will help them get out of these diseases. The worst animals will be in this new environment, the new system, will pass transformation . Europe in such a system as it is now can not help them. And I, and your God we will help them to be normal people. Your God is with me. And just like this Russia will save the world. Not otherwise. Only in this way. If someone did not know what it means, so now he will know . But why I am not yet in Poland on the throne. I have to be. I need support from Russia and other countries of Europe. Otherwise we will not start. I just want to help Europe! You should finally understand it and accept this project all other the world. What is going on with you. Do you have the better solution for the world. Just show me this and I will live this place. Secret Service will give me back my passport and it will be finished. I expect now the support from Russia from Putin and others. Otherwise I will do something else. Again the history. Communism in Russia. Lenin. I was just born on a day when Lenin died on January 21. We will go back to Russia, which is already prepared for this project. I think we all can notice this. This is the correct interpretation of history. The new architecture non-aggressive. The new system non-aggressive, giving everyone what they want, without fighting for positions for contract, for survival. The system prefers ambitious people, that want to grow, sports competition. You want to be better than the others you’ve got to develop yourself. Do not can try something get through corruption, fight, of animal methods, and so on. Do not want to be better, do not want to grow, you are at a certain level and you live. Nobody does not destroy you. In this way, we will leave the jungle. In Russia will rise up the cities and the areas where there will be no forms of animal existence, no struggle for survival . Communists wanted to do something there, but it was not that, they did not know where to go. They built their palaces . As for example, Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, but it was just their show. It was only the signal, like others signals in history. What I am doing this is very serious and this is what will be in reality and it will be for ever. Communists wanted to show how they were powerful – the working class is powerful. Why it was like this? Lenin just wanted to use them for development. But it was not the way. It was idiocy. Lenin died and it was finish for his project. We can say that Lenin made ​​a mistake. He could not solve, what I have solved at the moment. We can say he did not have the appropriate education, had not enough knowledge. We can say a lot but it was just what he should do in history and finish, no discussion. He could not do more, just like Jesus and others. We can not criticize the history. Lenin, like Jesus, or other animals, were chosen by your God for the execution of a specific tasks in the past, and they have done their job. I also will do the my job – my project. When it will start? I do not know. Lenin also did not know, but finally he found himself in the right place at the right time. My job exceeds everything that was previously in the history of the world. Animals do not believe that it will be working. Have their predictions, but do not believe. It exceeds all previous stages in history. Skip over centuries to not die, do not destroy the Earth, to make contact with other technologies receive permits to fly to other planets. A very difficult task. Purification of the structures, the transformation, the new system of the world. And I have from you no help. Looking at it from the other point of view, you can tell yourself, what kind of help you want from the animals, they are not yet enough prepared, they need still a few hundred years. But these hundreds of years can not be. We have to jump over it, otherwise only nuclear war and self-destruction of the Earth. The end of the world. But that would be the end of everything. I was sent here for that purpose, that such was not the end of the world. It will be, however, the end of this system, the end of the old world. What will be with new world, like US? We will see and we will help US. I promise it for Americans. They just are old European colonies like and we should not forget it. Europe is the center of the world like always and we should not forget it. Am I right? What you think? Will you support this my project. We are very very close to it. I do not have time to wait for position in Poland. This position you have to open for me now – in the spring! It is emergency!!!