Now I am closer to catholic church. I am just staying in their house for homeless people. I appreciate very much it but they do not appreciate what I am doing and maybe they will say good by to me. But it is not important for the moment. Important is that I need to work with catholic church regarding my project. I was against this church and I blamed this church for everything bad, but I was a little wrong. It is not the catholic church responsible for this. Responsible is the system. This system is the jungle system. Everything is subservient to the jungle. Let me remind you again the basic elements of my project. images (4)

загруженное (6)

загруженное (5)The Crusaders – Knights of the Cross and the Sword. New only one religion for the world! Catholic church was used by communists to make people in Poland peaceful and …… this is not important now. Important is that this biggest church should work with me just now. 2013 was the last year of Jesus era. This year should be first year of the new era. The Pope has some information, and already started to do something there, but is lost in all this. German church has criticized him and is right. This is wrong direction. Pope will be the last one and this is in predictions. Why? Becouse will be the one religion for the world. This is why we will have new crusaders. Finally, we will do the new order. From this we can move on to change the system.This is the reason why I need catholic church. This is the main church in Poland and we will start this project in poland. I appraciate German opinions and maybe influance. You should continue this amd it can maybe help me to start the project faster. So, when we start to analyze why we have murderers, thieves, homosexuals and other diseases, we will find who is guilty. We’ll start slowly or quickly change the system of the jungle. Priests of the Catholic church can help me now. This text will be sent to them, especially I am counting on Italy, Spain, Portugal and their former colonies. This is our time now. This why we have new Pope from Argentina. This is your God who has planned this. I criticized the church and others are doing this also but it is now time to take action. I explained in a few of mine, let’s call it articles, Why are murderers and other patients. Guilty is the system. But the Catholic church is trying to change these situations. Yes or no? Maybe I’m wrong? German church suggest the pope what he is doing wrong, but he is not listening. I believe we finally understand how this all we need to put further, in which direction! The transformation of the jungle in the garden is the only solution. The development of the world using all its potential possibilities. This will be only possible, if we take complete control over everything and we will manage it from one place, from the center in Poland. So wants God and the Catholic church should help me in this, should very strongly support this project, if you want to do something good for the world. That’s all is not a coincidence that the pope was from Poland. Then he was from Germany and is now from Argentina. Everything has its meaning and significance. The main part of my project is the religion. It will no longer be the religion for animals that not wanted to be humble sheep and crucified Jesus Christ. images 45




imagesIt will be the new religion, which has to open the way to heaven, to other planets. I do not know how it is possible for me to reach the Catholic authorities at the very top. Well it would be good if they have believed that everything I can do, what I have written about. I think that the Catholic church knows what I can do. I want to help them to be in the vanguard. The Polish Pope wanted but he was wrong, just as wrong were Communists, Hitler and others. He had heard, the ringing but did not know in which church. In my previous articles I wrote, the Catholic church will cease to exist. We can not do that. They are good people who believe in God, but the system, which is inside the church, does not allow none to change something. I understand it and it was needed before to keep church. If we have a foundation, we can not destroy it, because everything will collapse. Times have changed, and Catholics should understand it. Now we can move on to the next stage, but no longer under the same name with the Catholic pope, and so on. There must be a one church and one religion but no longer will be called Catholic. Polish Pope thought he could do something like that, but it was his big mistake. Not so! He could do it differently. He could do all what he wanted but he was only the man from small polish country site! He did nothing! You can not blame him for that. There is time for everything. The German pope realized that it’s hard to change something in the church and went away. In my project is a part about of the Germans and we will use everything, but at the moment Germany can not be at the forefront of history. Hitler is still in the memory of all and Germany can not be at the forefront. We now have a Pope from Argentina and he should help me here and I’ll help him. I think he understand that he is already the last pope of the Catholic church, which will cease to exist under this name. It will be a new religion and a new church, completely modernized. I do not want to talk about the details, because it’s still too early to talk about it. They will say that this is science fiction, just like they say about my project. They are still animals. They can understand only what to eat and how to manage money and ….. just not important. I was in Germany and I appraciate that they want something but it is me who will do this project. They do not know what to do just like Hitler, communists and polish pope. And this is very easy! We will change everything according to my project with details. What details I should know more. I do not know. Now I understand that we have to start with catholic church and with South America, Argentina and others. Spain, Portugal and your former colonies must now be with me at the forefront of changes that will occur. I will write in Spanish language next part of this continuation! Napisze po polsku Oni nie wiedza, co sie dzieje i trzeba im wyjasnic bo to banda idiotow. Moge sobie p[ozwolic na takie okreslenia i zobaczycie to wkrotce dlaczego moge to robic. W roku 2004 sprzedali moje mieszkanie bez mojej zgody za 1000 euro. Bylo trzesienie ziemi. Teraz ja im proponuje moj projekt. Ja to wszystko pierdole i nie musze tego robic. ja chce moje dokumenty i chce wyjechac do Europy. Zarabiac pieniadze miec dziewczyny i zyc jak zwierzeta zyja. Nie chca mnie puscic stad. Teraz docszlo do mnie, ze to bedziemy robic z katolickim kosciolem i znowu trzesienie ziemi. Ja tego nie bede objasnial bo ci debile tego nie zrozumieja zaczna szukac jakichs dla nich realnych podstaw. A co to jest realna podstawa. To nauka ktora oni przyjeli. to wszystko jest idiotyczne, jestem wkurwiony od tych ich analiz. trzeba im dac kolejne trzesienie zeby im sie w glowach wytrzeslo ale dobrze nie tak jak teraz!!!! Ahora, algo en español, ya que es el lenguaje de la Papa, que estará conmigo pronto colaborado. Un poco de charla. Lo que estaba en el comienzo de la Iglesia Católica? Antiguos cruzados. Es sólo, quiero volver a despertar a la acción. Iglesia católica de sus teorías llevó a la ruptura de muchas otras nuevas iglesias. El Papa polaco y otros quisieron expandir el imperio de la iglesia, pero vemos que en vano. No es la manera de conectar todos y crear una nueva religión. La Biblia y su interpretación es la causa básica del capítulo de la iglesia por muchos nuevas religiones y nuevas iglesias. Que estas historias bíblicas en el lado, y vamos a pasar a una acción, que introducirá orden taxonómico en todo esto. En Polonia, no hubo terremotos y ahora ellos no entienden lo que está pasando, porque son idiotas que no creen en él, lo que puede hacerse mediante el control del planeta fuera de la Tierra. Ellos están tratando de encontrar así que tiene una explicación científica. Para ellos no es sólo la tierra, y nada más. Ellos piensan que todo funcionará correctamente, Ellos piensan que todo funcionará correctamente, ya que se convierten enseña en las escuelas. Todo es constante, y nada más, de lo que a su vez se enseña en las universidades. Estos son unos idiotas. Nunca saldrán de este lugar, más allá de la Tierra. Un piccolo-italiano e in generale ho bisogno di capire la chiesa cattolica, nella mia discussione. Terremoto in Polonia è l’unico segnale, quindi penso che quello che faremo. Che cosa sto facendo? Voglio ricreare l’Ordine dei Cavalieri Teutonici. Si tratta di una organizzazione completamente cattolica. Io non ho capito tutto questo prima, ma ora lo vedo molto chiaramente. Responsabile per il cambiamento dovrebbe essere la chiesa cattolica. Aderire alle antiche conclusioni relative alle la religione cattolica, e Gesù non porta a niente di buono. Insegnare alla gente, affinché non rubare e affinché non erano assassini è ridicolo. Dovete attaccare il sistema! Il sistema è colpevole di tutto ciò che è male. Lo so, è una sorta di rivoluzione, e non voglio, temete non si desidera farlo, ma ha è l’inizio, ora, alla fine, se qualcuno lo voglia o no. Dire che che state facendo qualcosa di sbagliato, non porta risultati. La gente viene a voi, e piangono, e il tuo Dio non può fare nulla per loro. Ma non è Dio – sei tu, tu non puoi fare niente per questi poveri, persone perdute. Non si vuole per attaccare i sistemi, che sono tutte le cause. Non si vuole sostituire la giungla in giardino, anche se è così semplice. Io ho fornito progetto. Tu non vuoi stare con Dio, e con me. Voi siete anche perduto nella vita e non c’è futuro per voi già sulla strada. Comment tout cela a à introduire dans l’église? Qu’est-ce que l’église a fait jusqu’à présent? Il a été dit que ceci ou cela est faux. Alors, comment dites-vous pour le chien. Ne pas le faire, parce que tu seras puni. Tu seras puni par Dieu. Nous pouvons donc parler come sa avec le chien et non d’un homme qui ne voit pas le risque. Il pense que Dieu n’existe pas. Il n’y a pas de signaux clairs. Événements de sa vie était lui-même traduit, à la suite de ses propres actions.Eglise lui calme et il explique de cette façon. Il n’ya pas de contrôle. Si vous n’avez pas de contrôle, alors nous pouvons faire ce que nous voulons. La liberté d’action dans la jungle. Ce système, qui a produit une telle explication. Deutschordensritter – ist der Anfang von meinem Projekt. Auf diese Weise schon von Anfang sind wir in der katholischen Kirche.Wir gehen zurück an den Anfang. Kreuzzüge. Dieses Mal jedoch, um etwas Wichtiges geht es.Wie soll ich ohne dich tun das? Ohne die katholische Kirche? Mit Sicherheit die Kreuzfahrer sind Ihre Ritter. Wie haben Sie alles in der Kirche zu erklären? Wie sind geboren, Diebe, Mörder, Homosexuelle und andere Patienten? Es ist ein Dschungel, die kreiert, alle Patienten! Wir müssen die Dschungel zu beseitigen.Das bedeutet nicht, dass wir alles zerstören – wir sind keine Nazis. Wir müssen klar sagen, in der Kirche, was macht, dass wir Mörder haben. Diese Freiheit in den Dschungel. So dass alles ohne Kontrolle ist. Kein Entwicklungsplan für die Welt. Keine Projekt und die Organisation. Das enorme Potenzial der Menschen, die arbeiten können, ist ungenutzt. Diese Menschen krank sind, sie fühlen sich aus dem Leben geworfen. Auf der Spitze des Kampfes für das Leben. Sie müssen töten, um zu leben. Die Welt der Tiere ist die Welt in der sie leben, diejenigen, die sich Menschen nennen. Wie kann wir das ändern? Ganz einfach! Wir übernehmen die Kontrolle über alles. Wir alle planen. Wir geben auf die alle Arbeit. Wir entwerfen alles genau. Wir arbeiten aus der Mitte, sondern wir sehen alles. Wir verwalten alle aus der Mitteleuropa. Wir haben eine Religion und eine Kirche. Die neue Regel, des neuen Gesetzes. Wir lassen in Frieden die Bibel und ihre Interpretationen. Dies ist nicht wichtig. Wir brauchen neue Gebiete in Russland und darum verbinden wir Russland mit Europa. Wiederum schaffen wir die Deutschordensritter – Ritter des Kreuzes und das Schwert – einen katholischen Ritterorden. Diese wird benötigen, um Änderungen vorzunehmen. Nur auf diese Weise verbinden wir die Kirchen unter dem neuen Namen. Wir werden in der Lage, die Welt von einem Ort in Europa zu verwalten. Kolumbus entdeckte Amerika und wir sind für alles, was auf der Erde ist verantwortlich. Es ist alles sehr einfach. Ich muss nur die Unterstützung der Kirche zu haben. Ich muss in der Position sein, wo ich in der Lage werde, es zu machen. Erdbeben in Polen ist ein Signal. Wir müssen anfangen, etwas zu tun. Welt wartet auf uns. Es ist schlimm, und die Europäische Union ist nicht in der Lage, etwas zu tun. Wir müssen das System ändern und dann wird alles gut funktioniren. Es wird eine sehr schnelle Entwicklung der Welt zu sein und ohne die Krankheiten, die wir im Dschungel haben. Das ist die Zukunft für die katholische Kirche. Schließlich werden Sie in der Lage sein, etwas für die Welt und für Gott, der wartet und gibt Signale zu tun. Dies ist mein Vorschlag, und mein Projekt streng mit der katholischen Kirche verbunden. Kein Grund, Angst zu haben. Sie haben etwas zu tun. Ik begrijp dat er een probleem is met de interpretatie van wat heeft plaatsgevonden tweeduizend jaar geleden. We kunnen niet doorgaan het. Het zal ons niets goeds te geven. We kunnen zien wat er gaande is Katholieke kerk begon om alles goed te keuren. Dit is niet de weg voor de toekomst. Ik moet hier uw steun, de Katholieke Kerk in Amerika. Het is groot en sterk kerk. Je moet me helpen! U begrijpt dat dit is allemaal heel belangrijk. Katholieke kerk kan iets heel belangrijks voor de wereld te doen. Mijn project is nauw verbonden met de kerk. Kruisvaarders. Dat ze de controle over alles moet nemen. We moeten dit allemaal samen naar het paradijs te brengen. Ik weet niet hoe het allemaal te introduceren. Je moet begrijpen dat de tijden zijn veranderd. Je kunt dit niet blijven, waarin de kerk gescheiden. Ik ben degene die moet Jezus vervangt. V České republice je kostel, který je oddělen od katolické církve. Češi se bojí všeho. Přijde čas, kdy můžete mi pomoct. Nezapomeňte Hus. Budu se obrátit na vašeho kostela.Mám rád westerny a líbí se mi to. Já sám jsem kovboj a jsem bojovat o něco, co je těžké, ale je to možné. Během války, dali k Hitlerovi, ale nyní máte šanci být se mnou. Není to tak, že máte turisty v Praze. Musíte ukázat něco na světě. Potřebuji podporu.Česká republika je malá země, ale …. Jeg trenger skandinaviske landene og Norwey er dette mitt land. Jeg jobbet i denne regionen. Jeg trenger støtte fra kirken. Først av alt kirken har til å forstå at vi er i neste historisk nivå. Hva jeg ønsker fra Skandinavia? Her ønsker fra deg og Crusaders. Jeg kan forstå at det er vanskelig, men vi må gjøre det. Hva trenger jeg? Det er veldig enkelt! Мне также нужна Россия. Россия должна открыть для меня их площади. И Россия откроет эту область. Они не глупы! Существенным элементом моего проекта является крестовые походы. Мы будем в разных странах и континентах, но мы не будем убивать людей, как хотят некоторые идиоты из Польши. Мы будем лечить их в Сибири. Россия знает, что происходит. Это в согласии с российскими спецслужбами, держат здесь мои документы, и я не могу уехать.Я понимаю, но я уже сыт этим по горло. Пусть Россия это поможет мне начать, или отцепитесь все от меня. Ничего не буду делать и пусть Бог все решает сам. Землетрясения уже указал. В Польше, идиоты не знаю, что случилось. Землетрясения уже указал. В Польше, идиоты не могут понять, что случилось. Они не могут понять много из этого что происходит. Теперь они будут анализировать все это. Они не понимают, что их Бог может сделать, скажем, землетрясение, где он хочет, и это будет необходимо,чтобы показать – шоу. Качиньский взял сотню людей и думал, что он Бог, и так, чтобы защитить себя, а не умереть. Он думал так же, как коммунисты, они не верят в Бога. Этот человек трус, который хотел защитить себя с помощью других. Они ненормальные? Они его на Вавель дали. Дайте уже всех их на Вавель они же погибли за его. Это ужасно, что происходит в этой стране! Католическая церковь не должна выйти с ума, хотя польский Папа ездил везде и я не понял, что он хотел. Я понимаю, что я хочу. Католическая церковь должна принять мое решение и помочь мне выйти на сам верх. Тогда мы сделаем то, что хотел папа, то, что другие в истории хотели сделать, но у них было планa. Трансмутация джунгли в сад Божий. Помогите мне сделать это. Уже это не только католическая церковь. Это обо всех церквей. Даже мусульмане разместили свою религию, потому что они видели различные ошибки. Все надо сейчас изменить. Времена изменились. Это все старое , от старого, надо уйти. You have to start from the system. The current system is a jungle. You must kill others, overcome the others to live. How does it can be changed? Very easy! You have to take control and plan centrally, from the center. Manage the world. The center will have all the details! The Center will take care about everything! Computers and data for the design and management of all the world. It’s very simple. You just need to believe me. Everyone will be lucky, because I provide for them what they will want. What I need now is the church? Transmission of the information to people – still animals, which it not immediately will understand. It is important to finally understand what causes that there are murderers and other diseases. This is a job for the Catholic Church and other churches. Leave Jesus and the Bible alone. God is not like you think and prepare for you more than the earthquake in Poland. It’s just a signal. He’ll do more, if you do not begin to help me in these transformations. We have to get out of all this.
How do you leave Jesus and the bible? Bible is a manual of life and God is a creator of Haven and earth. God created us and gave us this precious earth to leave in, now how do you over take him?
If everything was fine it would not have been this project. Your God is against what’s happening here. God asks about change. Jesus was just a carpenter and his task was to calm down, to replace wild animals in obedient, quiet sheep. In the jungle, which has its own laws, Jesus wanted to have a sheep. What would be with the development the world. The development would have stopped and everyone would die of starvation. Animals crucified him on a wooden cross. Jesus went too far. In those days the more it was impossible to do. The jungle is for the moment but it is already outdated system, which already is unnecessary and creates a lot of evil. It does not allow for the rapid development of the world, which is at the moment very much needed. We have to go to the next step. This next step is not a conversion wild animals in sheep.Conversion of the jungle in the garden is the next stage. Not reading the bible and show to the animals that God exists. All this does not help. We have murderers, thieves, and other diseases. We have wild animals that are fighting for survival. We have to manage all things and every single man. We have everything to plan ahead and take advantage of the whole potential of the world. This is the principle of garden – plant care by the owner. The owner is the God and you have to help him deal with a garden of God. Everything is of God and with this you have to agree. This is the principle of the new religion.