It’s not religion is guilty, no I’m not going to destroy the Catholic religion, it does not religion is guilty. But the Catholic religion like other religions must lbe finished. I know this is painful for the people of the church. who are associated with it. I’ll swear that you will continue to work with the new religion.! You will work with me! All religions will be closed because …..I have explained. Priests will be working in new religion. This is promised. Churches will take new rules. Jesus Christ is the and story. It was the animals area. I like Jesus and we will live Jesus in churches. Jesus is somebody that wanted to change animals but animals killed him. So, this is the and of Jesus era. The main task is to change the jungle. This is my task – to change the jungle. And I will change the jungle. Communists could not change the world because they had the jungle as well. Their jungle was different and maybe even worse that capitaliistic jungle.Their jungle without the God it was very crazy jungle. I do not want to analyze why and so on. It is normal. I know the comunists understand that it was something wrong. I can explain to them what was wrong. First of all was wromg they thought they were without control. Jungle Is responsible for all. This is the system adopted by capitalism. Freedom allows animals to kill other units. The same as in the jungle. The rules, rights, the life. It was all normal at the time of Jesus. Jesus wanted to change the animals into quiet sheep. But the animals killed him. It’s time to change this wild system. Everything will be changed. Communists had some program but there was only an idea and had errors. Communists ware like other animals as well. What I propose now is quite different. Liquidation of the jungle is what is needed. With this is related everything else. Science, law, religion and almost everything what we have in jungle. We have computers, and it will help me to control everything. It is time for a change. Another year is coming and I still nothing can do. I need to do something else and live it, go out from this place, forget it.. It is possible that the Tsar did not what he had to do, but the Tsar only God can punish, not someone else. What is at the moment in Russia, I’ve seen, I was there I was, in Moscow. This is bad. I do not know how Putin can it to rule. Secret Service know that it will not take long, This’ll be change. Russia is a country prepared for me and I will be there doing, what we need to do. Like the Tsar I will used the Siberia. I do not know when our God will take some sort of decision. I am with this all tired and I do not want to be that your king, tsar, and so on. I have an education and have experience and do not have to occupy with this. I’m really sick of it. I want to end it, but God certainly will not allow me I’ll try to go away, even I would die, and it would be maybe better that what I am doing now. I have no money and no personal life. Possible that soon I will finish with this. If they would give me the documents I would go. What I want now from you. We all understand that we are in the jungle. Jungle need to be liquidate, to shut down. Era of Jesus in this way will be completed. But that does not mean that I will expel all the priests in the streets. You shall work with me. How to transform churches. I do not know, Certainly Jesus would be, but that does not mean that religion will be the same the religion was for animals. And now we will change religion, we will change the jungle. So, you have to understand it!!! Jesus it was time of jungle. I am the time of Garden of God – Paradise. I have explained many times but I will explain again I am the son of your God like Jesus was. If this is not enough I am doing what I want nobody can do something against me. This is the sign!!! Who is against me will be punished and will be punished his children and so we can see now in the place were I was earlier staying in Aeroport. There is only one man from Uzbekistan that is responsible for some things and I can not understand why God has still not punished him? Why does God work in this way. No penalty directly for a person who is guilty but doing something against his family. What is in this sense. Security man sister dies at the street at the same time in which I was hit by someone of whom after two weeks dyed mother. How it all works and why does it works. For us here on earth, it is idiotic. If you’re guilty you should be punished. What’s going on. Abnormal centrifugation. Who is ruling with this all. It means He is not interested how many of you will be cancelled, yes cancelled, because He (big as you want) does not care about you. It is just like in game computer game.What can we do? We need contact with this. I will have this contact, I am the same like him. I am his son. I have this contact! What he is doing? He makes pain for you or maybe sometimes he make something else. We need to be close to him. I will be very close to him. But I need my place and I need to be on the very top! Otherwise I will fuck it off and I will die. I am tired with all fucking situation! This is only Earth and they know it this is only the game. We have to manage it or He will do something very funny for you. He will do what is needed for me to start. This is not the evil and this is not the hell. This is just what you call God. This God is not like what you imagine. Your imagination is also different from maybe their World. So stop it and just try to do what I want from you. I want from you to change the system. His reactions are the same as my and I see that I am from them. My doughtier Alexandra will take position after me. She is the same kind of man. We have our laws and rules but we are different then they are outside the Earth. You can call it hell but this is wrong. If you call it hell you think this is solution for everything. But this is wrong. Norwegian man was going outside to the street and was killing people. Hitler was killing a lot of people. For him for your God you are nothing important your life is not important for Him. You are nothing for him. What is my idea, You are nothing for him and I want to change this something. We can see that this is very wrong opinion. This is like a play, computer play.I want to find the language with Him. I have this language but you can not understand it. But Alexandra does! Alexandra knows it! This is all abnormal for you. They want to change something but want the status of an existing maintain. Where am I? Among homeless people Your way of thinking is quite different. As you can notice Norwegian killer could prepare himself, then could go out and kill. Hitler could kill a lot of people. What does it mean? It means that your rules your way of analyzing is different. You love to be here and you would like to be here as long as possible but this something that you call God does not care about what you want. God is not something as you call it good, something what is good for you. God is something very different so God is doing you can consider bad things. I have some experience with your God and I can explain it. This is not good what you can love. This is very bad experience. I have lost at the moment this problem. God can send you Hitler and other problems. Your God do not care what you would like him to care about and this is first problem we will analyze in next day!!!!!