I am among the homeless, the sick crippled people. They are in the situation without exit. I talked with several of them. They believe in what I promise, because they do not have any other opportunities. I promise them that soon we will change this system, which leaves them on the street and without the possibility for various medical operations. We have various funds in the jungle , but it all does not work and can not act differently in this system of the jungle . It is normal in the jungle , the weaker ones fall off of these bloodthirsty games, where are the rules of animal struggle for survival and exit to the top of others, to the sun. I do not know how I can I get out to the top and change the system. ImageImageImageIf you do not come out to the top to the high mountain, it will not be noticed . Your God could send his messengers like the Norwegian . It will not change anything . The jungle will not react otherwise. Another killer will be convicted and put into a prison. Another reaction will not be. It is established law in the time of Christ by blood-thirsty animals, from which Jesus wanted to make the sheep believing in God. He has not succeeded, and was crucified by the animals. I’m still speaking about the finishing of era of Jesus Christ and beginning of a new era. It does not matter the fact that I wrote it all. In our group, there are only 715 members. My contacts are almost eight thousand eight hundred educated people. Some of them believe in it, that maybe I will succeed, but are still waiting.Waiting for me and the God, who has to help me to get out to the top. Methods of jungle I can not apply any because I surely want to change the system into the garden of God – Paradise. I want to liquidate the Jungle. My explanations do not help me. The new system will be the best and ImageImageeveryone will have a lot more than now have. Control Center, in the Poland will allow a very fast development. There will not be a bloodthirsty battles for contracts, because every person, every company will be under control and will receive a contract. Everything will be controlled and one will not need to steal, and to kill others. Everyone will be happy and healthy, because the new system will ensure the development of the world on very high level and we will have new technologies, that animals never dreamed about. But how can I convince the jungle, to put me forward on top that would allow me the introduction of changes. I do not have any funds and everything remains in the shadow. People do not believe that it can be done. It is the end of 2013, and already it’s time to all things change. The number 13 is the number of my apartment in Poland, that is already gone. Number 12 is the number of my apartment in Warsaw, that was already long time ago gone. I believed that something I will do in 2012 – they said about the end of the world. Now it should all really begin to act, but it still does not work. I am with this all tired. Especially I am tired with the situation, in which I currently am. I’m trying to understand it, and I’ll tell you about this, I will write today on.I have been expelled from the Center for refugees and I have information that already happened there unhappy accident with young children in the kitchen. As long as I was there, everything was fine. In the prophecies is something about this, where I’ll be will be fine. This is even about countries. How much is the truth in it. I think that there is a lot, because what you call God is with me. Finally, I have to comply a very important task and that task your God will help me to execute. So you can understand it why it is everything going like this. I wrote about what happened earlier in my life in different articles. You can not believe but it was fact. Some of people connected the facts with me and explained that I have done it. This is fucking not true. I can not do it but there are forces outside of the jungle outside of our world that can do something like this. I am like under the protection, though, and I myself am often punished. This, that I am now in this new environment, it is not a punishment, though for the people of the services of emigration it seems like. These are people who have no idea what I represent, these are people without information, which are equipped with the secret services, for example in Russia or other countries. I do not know it, because I do not cooperate with them. I am also under the kind of protection. Communicate to each other various information but that happens outside of me, have a ban of contact with me. So the good God that animals believe in reality not exist. Not exist something what animals imagine using their laws and way of analyzing of some their situations. They are lost very often. They do not know what to do. I am also animal and I do not know what to do. Why God has sent me among homeless and very sick people, people without the future. They do not see the future. They are against God and sometimes everything else. How it is all working regarding what is going on in the Jungle. Do they have some influence? What you think? Millions of people are suffering around the world. Millions or even billions of people can say, opposite to that system. Does state of mind of those suffering, their thoughts, their sufferings have any affect on the areas of the system. Now let’s move to the next level from the level of people homeless. And here also we determine that suffer from various causes. If we get to the highest degree, a class of rich people. And here we find out that they are not happy. Die and do not help them even their money. There are not yet these new technologies that could save them from death. There are not also technologies that would allow for the rapid development of the world. So what if the money you have make you not happy. You live like in the Middle Ages, among the animals. And you have to be an animal, because you live in such an environment. None of these my explanation is helping. Those who can help to change the system, do not want to help me to start it. You can explain many times and more them that everything is the subject to change and also almost all the system, which will be eventually change even if you do not want it. It’s time to do it at the moment. There is no point in waiting. We are very far behind that what we should have done already. Often people say that if you will help somebody that God will help you. What does it mean? If you will not help, God will not help you. We can go to the new system, which will be the best system for everyone but we do not. Why? And precisely because there up at the top we have pigs at the trough. Pigs will not themselves go away, because they are not people. These are animals that do not understand what is more important that their trough. And so we have a parliament of the European Union and various organizations in different countries. They can not work together, because it’s still a jungle, in which live wild animals. They do not understand that the old system is bad. I can not keep to animals passing on the information that they will be able to understand the people. They are still not people. How is possible to make animals understand something more then consumption at the moment. They should understand new religion that we have not. They should understand new knowledge which is not yet in Universities. They should understand something much more then they understand now. Billions unused for the development of technology on the planet people. Jungle with animals, which controls all what they need to be happy, with its system, its crazy wild freedom – the lack of control components allows the uncontrolled development of various kinds of unwanted elements and blocks elements valuable. And in this way the jungle kills, destroys potential, engineers and other people who possess knowledge but do not possess the bloodthirsty forces allowing destroy others and take in this way their place. The jungle does not have any structures that might change something, because in the jungle, outdated capitalist structure, medieval, nothing ever will be and can be improved. You need completely change the system. I have prepared a project, which is the next stage in the development of management systems and technology and just development of life on the Earth. This new system will use currently being destroyed by the jungle potential, will develop new opportunities. If I say that this system enables man to regenerate the body, changes in its components, in one word – everlasting life, the animals will not believe me, because for them there is no such thing possible. Animals do not see anything besides consumption and slave labor to get food for today. Future is nothing that they think about. Animals, I can not see anything else besides what can see the animal. You need to jump thousands of years to understand something. And how it can be done in this system. You have almost everything to change, and the jungle does not allow you to change anything. They have one word – communism. You need to change the system. I have put the characteristic elements of the system. Central control, detailed information on all components, management of all elements to capture all possible potential for the development of new technologies in all areas of life, creating a completely new, unknown in the jungle areas of knowledge, transformation of animals into creatures, which are called people, eternal life for man and flights on the new planet, thanks to new technologies, which the animals of the jungle can not even imagine. Religion animals will be replaced by a new religion, which will replace the law of the jungle, and other elements of life control of jungle. Nothing of what I am doing is noticed by animals. I am already tired and want to throw it all, take care of my own life, women and food, because I’m an animal and if nobody supports me, I have no intention of wasting my life of animal. If you can not be a man and be happy, it is better to be an animal unhappy but it is better than the situation in which I am at the moment and in which I no longer want to be. Poland, which your God has foreseen for center of the world is nothing, it is disgusting village, that does not want to be anything else. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageGermany and Russia are the countries without any ambition can not create for me the support and influence the Poland. England and the USA are waiting, afraid of changes. France is no longer what was once, the glorious history is behind them. Today, get tired with emigration from their former colonies in Africa. Are completely lost. Spain and South America are religious countries. I am at the moment correcting my Spanish language and think about the support from this area. ImageArab countries have information on what I want to do and could help me, give me support, but also waiting. I am just learning Arabic but still I can not talk to them. Their religion will go away just like the Catholic and other religions, ImageImageImageImagewhich keep the world in the Middle Ages. Italians, whose language I know and who remember the Polish pope, they could help me. The Romans crucified Jesus, are responsible for what is going now and should do something for the introduction of a new religion, that can help to change the tragic system of the world. They have no work in their country and they have to work everywhere. I will not be crucified, because your God foresaw changes to the system, which is now and I have to do this work. Therefore, you can not crucify me. I am under the protection of your God, and I wrote about it often. Who is against me is punished, punished even his family. It is uncomfortable to talk about and looks unaesthetic, when I give examples and do not want to do that. Animals just do not understand that something is happening in connection with me. Animals believe that so must be that it is a coincidence feel themselves destined to a fate, to jungle, to hell, to disease, thy are escaping into drugs and homosexuality. No wonder that their God sends them his messengers, who make gruesome murders.