Nothing can help teaching animals what you can or not to do and what is not allowed to do in jungle. This is funny! Do not make me lough in jungle is everything allowed. Stealing, killing, corruption and so on. Already God tried to teach Adam and Eve, what to do. But it was Jungle, not Paradise. It was a jungle, and they did not listen to the God. They knew that in the jungle you have to steal, and so on, to live. God gave them the jungle and in the jungle you had to be an animal, do not believe in what God is telling to you. They passed to the world of animals. This was the only way that allowed life in the jungle. And they have chosen the way, and it was right. That was the only way at this time. Apple has been plucked from the tree. As you can see even the story of Adam and Eve is now to use in my theory, which is going to change the World and America ( this is if they think I will not change their system). I’m shameless and I look forward to further measures that will be from other sites. It is not that I care about it. I can do my work. God has prepared me to different tasks and I can now be very usefull for companies. I can give up this all great project. This is what I want to do now. But they do not want to give me back my passport and other documets.

I will be ruthless to the jungle. Predictions say that the U.S. will face various revolutions, separations, and so on. I like USA but it will be. They are now on the top. I was on the top as well and now I am among homeless people and God allow me now to understand something more. You will be down Americans and it will be soon. We have to change this system and I have no support from you so you can expect something from my supporters outside the Earth. I do not care, becouse you do not care. I need the very good lesson from outside of our World. And you will face it. You will ask to help you and i will help yoy from Center of Europe, becouse I love you like you say God loves you. God will have no mercey for you but I will have. I like your music and everything what is American. Already once was separation from slavery. Southern states, which I like, lost the war. And what we have now slavery, just covered. People are working for different companies, which are paying them money and for that they can buy themselves food, pay for the accomodations. This is the same thing as slavery. You do not like it but you have to do, otherwise you will be on the street, you will die of hunger. I am now among the homeless and those without legs so tragic condition and the jungle can not solve problems. Animals decide these strongest, which the system will be accepted. But enough already. We overthrew communism and we must overthrow the jungle. I expect help from your side, I will not do this alone. I know you wait for your God, who will start earthquakes and floods. If I come out to the top. I will liberate from prison Norwegian and maybe a few more people. It will be depended on what were the motivation and situations which have caused action. For me it is clear – Norwegian must be released. He explained it to me in the courtroom in Norway. I am one hundred percent sure that he will be liberate. God has sent me in the middle of people who were about around twenty years in prison. This is what the jungle had done with them, for me it is none of jungle rule, or its law. I do not recognize the law of the jungle. Everyone will be analyzed again. First will be released and will be analyzed from the point of view of my rights. Norwegian will be released completely without further analysis. I know what he did and explained everything. I understood his coat of Teutonic Knights. For me it is all clear and it’s just I’m going to be the great King of Europe and Russia, and I will release those who did what they had to do to help me. norwegian just has done it what was needed! How can I be so stupid. He just helped me!! Just tell him. He will be released and will be working in Knights of Cross and Sword. This is his future and it will be soon!!! His stay in prison will not be long! 

Our environment is a jungle. The characteristic element is the so-called freedom. This freedom is not the freedom, which allows us to enjoy the life. Everybody has freedom. The principle is the you have to overcome obstacles to the position, which will give you maximum money. Otherwise saying you have to destroy the others, whose encounter along the way. The jungle is cramped and not all can receive what they want. You have an education and you can work but………

What we have in the jungle, besides freedom. You are free, and you even have the right to die in such a manner, in which you want. You have no right to enter the store and take what you like. Jobs! It is, but not for all. Generally, you can not work where you want and you can not do what you want. If you can not do what you want, then you are no longer free. You’re slave of work, which has to give you a food. What is freedom? Freedom is when you can do, what you want, at any given time. Of course, if you want to kill someone it means you’re sick, you’re dangerous to others, you need to be separated and possibly cured. In the jungle there is no freedom, because you can not to grow without destroying the others. In the jungle there is no place. The principle is to defeat others and go out in this manner above. What creates murderers? Just this style of life in the jungle, this system, to defeat others, so to get out of the bottom. We have a lot of information about the freedom on the Internet. Freedom of speech, freedom of meetings. But why it all we do. Why do we need freedom of speech? We want to protest against what we have. We have no freedom. We know it. What gives us such a protest? Nothing! Nothing will change. This is normal keeping slaves in peace. You’re unhappy, you can express it in the presence of others. Others also express their dissatisfaction. And nothing change. The jungle does not allow for any changes. You can change something, but only in the system, which can allow for nothing. It’s cramped and it is getting worse and worse. The system does not allow for changes, which are now necessary. History of the development of the world needs something new. That something new is this my project. Transformation of everything into the garden. In the garden, all the plants are well kept, and we enable them maximum possible development. Just depends on the gardener, the development of each plant. And we can see that the plants in the garden are very well developed. Give a lot of fruit. And this is the new system. Anyone can give fruit, but you have to take care of him. We can do this, we can take care of every human being and we can get a lot of fruit. We just need to enter the KERKG – Garden of God – Paradise. We have computers, and information about each individual. Everything in the jungle is bad and it must be rejected. It is a system for animals, not for humans. This is understandable! It was needed in this system that uses animals to work, system that lies to them that they are free. The system, which gives them the freedom to be an animal and nothing. You work like other animals – the horse attached to the plow. The system, which prefers animals without education. Only animals without education are doing well in this system. They walk every day to the their work and are not doing anything. In this way the world already lost a lot and loses further. EU and other organizations want to maintain this system, at all costs. Mess, which we see every day, murder, theft, illness, unemployment, war, emigration. It is going very bad. Animals have already enough. They want to be human beings. They are clever much now. How can it all be developed into new system? I need your assistance in this project. Alone I will do nothing.

Freedom in the jungle. You can not walk freely anywhere. You must kill others who are in your way. This situation makes you ugly beast, false, corrupt, deceptive. You’re an animal, which is seeking to work around road obstacles. Obstacles are law, the wife with whom you got married, your friend, your father, and even your mother. Who appointed this lifestyle. Who has transferred you into the animal. God already does not want it any more. And do not want it the animals. Animals do not understand what is better for them, because these are just animals. God, you can you tell the devil, such as Norwegian sends messangers to wake up animals. This way he wants to help me. The Norwegian does not look like a normal animal, like the others, but it is just that. Animals look at each other and can see their reflections. It is time to make the transformation to be the human being again. Ther was something about crusaders in his explanation. He can not understand what it was and why God had made it for him. Why I have been in Norway. I am not a God but I can be like India stories explain. Yes it is just tragical for animals. How long do you want to be animals – slaves? This is my question!!!! I( know this is tragic what happened in Norway but there is no other way for you – animals. What way you want to go back and to be human being. You do not want it! You want total destruction – nuclear disaster!! It is all going in this direction. If I will not take the power in the Center of Europe and the World, it will be the final destruction. Why you can not see it? Your fucking education it is everything wrong and gives nothing good for the World. You are closed in your countries and you have no solution. I was in Germany, where God had sent me like to others. People in Germany can see that something is not right. Something must be change, but how. It is not Hitler idea. It is not communism. We all have something to do to put it forward. And I have the same tusk. This will be not easy. I have a lot of experiance. I do not want to compare myself with Jesus but it is hard as well. You can belive me!

What is freedom? We have to take a look! In 1968, students protested in Warsaw. It was about freedom of speech. Communist controlled the press stopped everything. It started something, which consequently led to the changes. Jews were expelled from Poland. Jews had to change their names to avoid reprisals. Many students found itself in the military service. My father, who worked in the general management of army in Warsaw, was dealing with this personally. But for everybody God has punishment. Last six years of my father’s life was a disease, same as of Polish Pope. I will continue.ImageImageImageImage