kartinki24ru_flagi_georgiaThey want to give me the job in Stalin country – Georgia – I would like ver much!!!!!   look at this signs and compare with signs down!!!! I will be ruthless to the jungle. Predictions say that the U.S. will face various revolutions, separations, and so on. I like USA but it will be. They are now on the top. I was on the top as well and now I am among homeless people and God allow me now to understand something more. You will be down Americans and it will be soon. We have to change this system and I have no support from you so you can expect something from my supporters outside the Earth. I do not care, becouse you do not care. I need the very good lesson from outside of our World. And you will face it. You will ask to help you and i will help yoy from Center of Europe, becouse I love you like you say God loves you. God will have no mercey for you but I will have. I like your music and everything what is American. Already once was separation from slavery. Southern states, which I like, lost the war. And what we have now slavery, just covered. People are working for different companies, which are paying them money and for that they can buy themselves food, pay for the accomodations. This is the same thing as slavery. You do not like it but you have to do, otherwise you will be on the street, you will die of hunger. I am now among the homeless and those without legs so tragic condition and the jungle can not solve problems. Animals decide these strongest, which the system will be accepted. But enough already. We overthrew communism and we must overthrow the jungle. I expect help from your side, I will not do this alone. I know you wait for your God, who will start earthquakes and floods. If I come out to the top. I will liberate from prison Norwegian and maybe a few more people. It will be depended on what were the motivation and situations which have caused action. For me it is clear – Norwegian must be released. He explained it to me in the courtroom in Norway. I am one hundred percent sure that he will be liberate. God has sent me in the middle of people who were about around twenty years in prison. This is what the jungle had done with them, for me it is none of jungle rule, or its law. I do not recognize the law of the jungle. Everyone will be analyzed again. First will be released and will be analyzed from the point of view of my rights. Norwegian will be released completely without further analysis. I know what he did and explained everything. I understood his coat of Teutonic Knights. For me it is all clear and it’s just I’m going to be the great King of Europe and Russia, and I will release those who did what they had to do to help me. norwegian just has done it what was needed! How can I be so stupid. He just helped me!! Just tell him. He will be released and will be working in Knights of Cross and Sword. This is his future and it will be soon!!! His stay in prison will not be long! загруженное images (1) images