images (6) images (3) images (4) images (5) images (2)You need leave everything and go away as the Buddha, or lose everything to begin to understand something, in other words he receive the information. These precisely the information will allow you-create new solutions, which will cause rapid development. Man, like other creatures of the earth, is to create something new. Man is not made for this, that he took something from someone and consumed. You need not have anything be naked as Adam and Eva in Paradise, but do not to steal an apple from the tree, which is not yours. Can not be used others to use their work, you can not have slaves. You need to create something yourself. The work must give you the possibility of creating a new one. Work is your tool, which allows you be the creator. We are in the jungle, whose sense of life is quite different. Consumption. We do not create anything new. That’s what we create we eat. The development of the world have stopped. All this does not give pleasure. People are working to eat. I analyze generally, does not show the units, a small percentage of those who are formed something beyond what serves for immediate consumption. What is needed is a new religion, which these situations will change and will change everything. Man is the creature, which will create new plants, animals, and new creatures (maybe not similar to humans) and give a new solution, which will allow for flights beyond Earth. Man is here on the Earth, that he transform the jungle into something completely different, which will provide a better life for himself and other people.Jungle with all its systems must be transformed. We see what is happening. The crisis, unemployment, sick and homeless, which the jungle is not able to help, because the system is already obsolete and should go away as it should go away (give up projects, which bring nothing new) EU, which is trying to enter this system in the former countries of the Eastern Bloc. This is a complete nonsense. EU closes its eyes and did not want to see what everyone sees in different countries. The jungle is already unnecessary, as communism was unnecessary and has finished. You need understand history and development of the world and its needs. We need a new system. Former communist countries are waiting for something new. What they want, tired after many years of communism, the EU certainly can not give them. Corrupt, Europe and the EU stubbornly holding on to the old system, which was needed in the history, like communism. Why jungle does not want to go away? A man who only consumes, is no longer human. This animal is not being able to think about something else. And so go into the subject of God and religion, which is evil and acts against to a man. Reading the Gospel and calming people is the action against the God. No such was the intention of God, who gave you life. This animal, which sees only the food, not thinks about the future of the world. He thinks only of himself, like a pig, which also does not realize that will be the food for somebody. Population growth is very fast and the development of the world has stopped. What does it mean? The situation with no exit. The need will be self-destruction. War, earthquakes and so on. Rather than accept the project of the new system, which will change everything and accelerate the development of the necessary technology, the world is waiting for destruction. Is it not tragic? World shows people dying of hunger, shows also other bad things that produces jungle. Nothing is doing to change it. We all understand that the system that we have is not able to change anything. But the world is silent.