I am now among the homeless. These are people with different problems and different histories. What causes that we have homosexuality, corruption, assassins, thieves and so on. It’s all the evil creates a system in which we are. The communism, who was opposed to God, because it did not like the religious system, also created criminals. Jungle, allowed to create various diseases, deviations from what is human. The jungle transformed humans into animals. Man can, adapt, transform into something which will enable him to exist and enjoy the food, or other items he needs, depending on the situation, in which he is located. Thus, this is the jungle responsible for all the evil. If we will transform the environment into something else, we will enable to man, back of humanity. We know what is needed to man! Garden of God – Paradise. How it all works out, maybe an explanation for those who still do not understand. The thief, for example, steals, because can not reach otherwise the ideal that shapes for him the jungle. Similarly, the corruption, homosexuality, and other deviations from what is human. As a result, we are approaching the animals, wild animals in the jungle. How you can live differently in the jungle. You must also be a wild – an animal. What may be the religion for animals. Such what we have at the moment. Jesus wanted to transmute these wild animals into the sheep, but he does not thought about it, that the animals should be transformed back into a human being. This what God wants from us to do. Current religion is a religion for animals, wild animals, calms the animals – the religion of Jesus. More Jesus in these times could not think up. Besides, he had not of education, and what he did it was what he could do. In those days had not to be more. But now – now is the time to do more, and we will do it soon. Animals do not want to, but they do not have the right to decide about what is human. They are not human beings at the moment. The way to cure disease is the transformation of the environment and treatment of most patients outside this new environment. Besides, they will feel ill, when there will be no jungle. They must be taught how to adapt themselves to the new system. This system will create a new religion and a lot of new elements. The jungle allowed to create law for animals, the death penalty, keeping animals in cages for twenty years, and other penalties. Clearly we can see – this law is the law of the animals and for the animals. In the new system it can not be accepted. There will be not acceptance for the religion, all social systems, the European Union and so on, and so on, with all that what is now in the jungle.The jungle creates more and more darkness, evil and new diseases. The jungle has finished its historical role as other various historical epochs. Time for a changes. Animals feel themselves bad. Animals can see that it may be a different system, different environment, which will give them more. Animals do not know how may be changed an existing system. They are, for the time being, animals, brought up in this system, with its religion and with all its evil. How it happened, we are still with religion of Jesus, biblical events what is still present in this animal world, which we have now. How it happened, that religion of animals survived so many centuries. It’s easy for the clarification. Animals are just animals and nothing else. What animals can think up and develop. What new inventions are possible in the world of animals. None of these things, which will allow to animals fly off the planet in search of a new place to live. We are responsible for what happens on Earth. Population growth in India and in other countries. We do not do anything. Animals are just animals, and outside food and its own safety and the place, its burrow, do not need nothing.
A man of the jungle is such an animal, which is able quickly adapt to surroundings and changed conditions. This is normal and we are equipped with these different skills. Not that was goal of God (so the animals call it, which is above them – the dog has also his master, and only this pattern can be accepted for the animal – as Jesus taught animals, and he could not more, did what he had to do). Who is obedient to Jesus, the animal of the jungle is adapted to use the rights of the jungle (the jungle has not any rights and can not be any laws in there, do not make me laugh) to its development. The jungle is a development system, which gives rise to individuals strong, ruthless, reaching for the sun, over the dead bodies of others. This period in the history of the world we have closed, like communism and other periods. The jungle is a system in which determination of rights for animals does not make sense. It gives only the opportunity to develop new skills – to circumvent of those rights how to circumvent other obstacles set by the animals for other animals. There are funny obstacles, and similiar fun as fun on the field for games. And in this way we come to the fun – corruption. In Poland, they say that it is acceptable, because officials, have small salaries. I will do the fun for them when I will reach the throne in the Palace in Warsaw.Existing religion is two thousand years old and is the religion of the animals. The system, which approves these religion, because it keeps the human in the world of animals – slaves that others use them to work. It’s only so called work, but you do not like it. You work, just not to die and wait. You are waiting for this project! And you should help me to go ahead with this ASAP I’m doing this for your children who are not yet animals and are watching me, almost every day I meet their eyes. These are small children. They seems to know what I am doing here. How much information I need to know to make it start.Why, this is what we call God has permitted, that this whole thing so long remained. Is it so hard will get out from the world of animals? Who blocks, does not want to open the door to another world, to Paradise. It seems that earlier there was no other way of development. How you could keep trying, something like this to control, from one place. There was not even the internet, it was not possible. Now it is possible. Control from center of Europe. Europe again comes out with something that is important for the world. The method jungle, wild free development, it was earlier. We have achieved the current level of development, which will allow for the introduction of the new system. Wild system is already dangerous. This causes a lot of confusion. No willed emigration, illness, crisis, unemployment, hunger, and many different other problems, with whom you can not to deal. This system with these problems can not handle it, that we know. Why is this system still maintained. Still the fear of communism. Another system no one still has showed. I’m here for you, now to show this new, different from the communist system, easy to control, safe for all, acceptable by your God. The system, which will turn animals into humans. Many people understand the need for change. They are, however, animals that do not understand. How to explain to this group? It will be very hard. Generally, these animals do not believe in God. They think only about food. Do not think about others, the homeless, the sick, the hungry, etc. From time to time something unpleasant happens. Norwegian goes out into the streets and shot. In the court he explains why shoot, but no one care. No optimistic results. Animals are deaf to this kind of analysis. For them, it is important food. The penalty for the Norwegian in a cage for many years and seems to them that this is solution of problems.images 45 958c6-jungle e28b8-i-am-kalki-the-golden-book-kalki 3f219-jesus images